’Storage Wars’ Season 14 Confirmed: Release Date Revealed

Storage Wars-Rene and Casey Nezhoda Photo by: Maggie Shannon

Are you ready for another season of Storage Wars on A&E? This is the show about abandoned storage lockers that are auctioned off. What could be inside? A treasure, or some filthy junk? Every episode tells a new tale of mystery and adventure.

Moreover, Storage Wars Season 14 has a twist.

Storage Wars Season 14 Coming Back

Everyone’s favorite auctioneering couple, Dan and Laura Dotson are back, as well as Brandi Passante, Ivy Calvin, Rene and Casey Nezhoda, Kenny Crossley, Barry Weiss, and Darrell Sheets are all back for more storage locker auctions.

However, there is a twist.

According to A&E’s Facebook post, this season will be the battle between the newbies and the OG’s. Who will be reigning supreme?

It’s a battle between the newbies and the OG’s on this upcoming season of Storage Wars! Join Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets, Ivy Calvin Storage Wars, Rene & Casey Nezhoda, Brandi Passante, Dan And Laura Dotson, Ken Crossley, Barry Weiss, Lisa Delarios & Dusty Riach for all-new episodes starting Tuesday, March 8th at 9/8c, only on A&E.

Everyone is very excited. Casey Nezhoda wrote on Instagram, “Cheers to #StorageWars Season 14 coming out Tuesday, March 8th only on A&E!! 🥳 Go #team #BargainHunters #family”

Storage Wars Season 14-AE
Storage Wars Season 14-AE

When Does Storage Wars Season 14 Premiere?

Storage Wars Season 14 premieres on Tuesday, March 8, at 9 p.m. Eastern, on A&E.

Barry Weiss Is Back, Jarrod Schulz Is Not

Barry is back! He showed up for part of Season 13, and he has returned for Season 14. However, Jarrod Schulz was in the first half of Season 13. Yet, he did not return for the remainder of that season, nor is he back for Season 14.

Catch Up With All Seasons Of Storage Wars

Did you miss any previous episodes, including the return of Barry Weiss in Storage Wars Season 13? That is no problem. You can watch full episodes, without a sign-in on A&E. This includes the Storage Wars 300th episode. This episode is aptly called, “The 300th Time’s The Charm!”

In this episode, everyone’s favorite, Brandi Passante is competing between two of her friends for a storage unit. First, she is battling it out against her pal, Lisa. However, when Brandi is bidding, she is intense. She admits that “the claws come out.”

Unfortunately, after she knocks out Lisa, she has to battle Natasha. Brandi asks, “Who the **** is Natasha?” She ain’t no friend of this woman. Who ultimately wins this storage locker unit? You know it is Brandi!

Moreover, it is a good thing that Brandi can beat out her friends and newcomers alike. Because this season’s Newbies VS OG will be very intene. Plus Rene has hinted on his social media that there are some really nice units.

What could be inside? You will have to watch to find out.

Don’t miss the premiere of Storage Wars Season 14 on Tuesday, March 8, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on A&E.

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  1. I love storage wars one of my favorite shows while I’m in a assisted living house. Plus enjoy storage wars texas

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