GoFundMe Set Up For Garrett Dotson, Son Of ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Dan, Laura Dotson

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Earlier this week, Storage Wars fans were asked to pray for Garrett Dotson, son of Storage Wars stars Dan and Laura Dotson. He was in serious condition after a drive-by shooting. Now, they are asking fans to help him financially. He has a long road ahead of him, but he does not have health insurance.

Here is the latest news on Garrett Dotson.

GoFundMe Set Up For Son of Storage Wars Stars Dan, Laura Dotson

On Saturday night, Storage Wars auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson got the call no parents ever wants to get. Their 22-year-old son Garrett Dotson was shot in the abdomen. This happened just outside of his Havasu Airbnb.

A brave friend managed to stop the bleeding and drag him inside, to where it was safer. Soon, it was up to the doctors and medics to save his life. Now, he needs help with his extensive hospital bill. Garrett Dotson did not have health insurance.

Since then, a friend set up a  GoFundMe to help with the expenses. Their goal is $300k. They have just under $6,000 dollars now. He really needs financial help.

Storage Wars Auctioneer’s Son Suffered Serious Injuries

Garrett Dotson’s injuries are quite serious. There is a lot of damage by this one bullet. There is a fracture in his spine. The bullet wound is adjacent to the spine. The good news is that he will not need surgery here. The surgeon determined that would be more dangerous to Garrett. Instead, the son of the Storage Wars stars will get a back brace.

He no longer needs a ventilator. They have now changed them to a CPAP-type of machine. Most importantly, he is now able to move his foot. This is huge development.

Due to the coronavirus precautions, the Storage Wars stars had to wait to visit their son in the hospital. They did see him in person, for 15 minutes. In addition, Dan and Laura are able to talk to him via video on their phones.

But, now they have another issue. They need to figure out who is going to go to Vegas to pick up Garrett and get him back to the Los Angeles area.

Garrett Dotson’s Alleged Shooter Arrested

In addition to the GoFundMe, there is a new update on Garrett Dotson’s condition. They have also found the alleged shooter. According to TMZ, they found Garrett Wilder, thanks to an anonymous tip. The Havasu police arrived to a residence and found him, along with a handgun and a single empty shell casing. He did not resist arrest.

Wilder was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, drive-by shooting, misconduct involving weapons, disorderly conduct with a weapon and endangerment.

He is now held on a $1 million bond. This is cash-only.

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