‘Storage Wars’: Stars Connect With Kobe Bryant’s Widow With Sentimental Memorabilia

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Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda had recently found a celebrity memorabilia treasure trove. They scored a $13,000 locker filled with Kobe Bryant memorabilia. But, there were items in it that they felt that Vanessa Bryant should take possession of. They wanted to connect with her.

Rene and Casey did connect with Kobe Bryant’s widow. What happened?

Kobe Bryant Storage Wars Pick!

Over the years, Storage Wars fans have seen the stars find some spectacular picks. But, what could easily take the case is a $13,000 storage locker filled with Kobe Bryant memorabilia. They shared their incredible find on their YouTube site called BargainHuntersThrift, named after their physical store.

Initially, they did not buy the storage locker. Someone else, did. They only paid $375 for items inside. But, that lucky buyer realized that they hit the jackpot. They contacted Rene and Casey and made a deal. That is how the reality stars wound up paying $13 grand for this incredible find.

In their video, Rene and Casey showed many of the items included in the storage unit. It is no surprise they jumped at the chance to buy the contents of this storage locker. Inside included L.A. Lakers practice gear, a Lakers badge with Bryant’s nickname “Mamba” on it. There were nearly three dozen pairs of shoes. Many of these shoes are one-of-a kind.

Then, there was a mink coat. That is pretty special, as they have photographic evidence of this coat.

They Wanted To Connect With Vanessa Bryant

When the Storage Wars stars found some other items, they knew they wanted to contact Vanessa Bryant. That is because there were some children’s shirts that included Giana’s name. There were other items for children as well.

They stated on the video that they did not want to sell them to Kobe Bryant’s widow. They planned on giving them to her. These were sentimental and were her child’s items. They could not sell these items because of what they represented.

They suggested that they would try to contact Vanessa via Instagram.

Storage Wars Stars Connect With Kobe Bryant’s Widow

According to TMZ, the couple did connect with Vanessa Bryant. Someone did contact her about the storage locker unit sale. She wanted to keep the items with the Bryant family. Vanessa worked with the Storage Wars stars on a deal to get the items back to her family.

Rene told the publication, “Everything has been worked out. A number of personal items, worn items, and paperwork were sold directly back to the Bryant family.” Nezhoda did not reveal the price. That is confidential. But, other sources told the publication that this was not about “turning a profit.”

Rene and Casey did keep a few items. They were pieces that Kobe Bryant did not wear. They do plan on selling those, and for a profit.


Storage Wars Stars Find Many Celebrity Storage Lockers

There is no doubt, Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda are experts in finding celebrity storage lockers. Recently, they found Daniel Baldwin’s storage locker. The couple have certainly demonstrated that they are celebrity storage locker experts!

They have even found other sports memorabilia including Lamar Oden’s locker and an Aubrey Huff collection. In Lamar’s locker, there were even Khloe Kardashian items, along with items from Oden’s NBA days. Of course, they also purchased Farrah Fawcett’s storage locker as well. Pretty incredible.

You never know what the Storage Wars stars, and owners of Bargain Hunters thrift store will find next!

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