‘Bringing Up Bates’ Cancellation: Why UPtv Really Pulled The Plug Leaked

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On Tuesday, January 18, Bringing Up Bates fans received the sad news that UPtv had canceled the series. This came as a huge surprise because Season 11 was set to premiere on February 10. Fans didn’t see this coming, especially because filming and production are well underway at this point. The network reportedly put a good amount of money into the new season before pulling the plug last minute.

When making the announcement, UPtv mentioned that they are changing the direction of their content and focusing on a new scripted series. However, they never explained exactly why they chose to cancel the show so suddenly. Many fans think something serious must have happened. If not, the last season of Bringing Up Bates could air on UPtv before they completely cancel it.

So, fans have been trying to figure out why the show might have been canceled. Now, the real reasoning behind the cancelation has finally been linked. Keep reading to find out why UPtv canceled Bringing Up Bates. 

Bates family Instagram (KW Bringing Up Bates, UPtv)
Bates family Instagram

Though UPtv hasn’t revealed too much about the Bringing Up Bates cancelation, more details have been leaked. Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball, a blogger, revealed what she has learned from her connections. One of her sources was formerly associated with UPtv.

Why was Bringing Up Bates canceled by UPtv?

In a new Instagram post, Katie writes:

“Apparently, the video that Carlin Bates posted on her Instagram Stories of one of her brothers mocking George Floyd’s murder allegedly made its way to the UPTV offices. Staff were apparently furious & asked the owner to cancel the show as a large portion of the network staff is African American because the network started out with Southern Gospel Programming.”

As we reported last year, a disturbing video was posted on Carlin Bates’ Instagram stories and quickly deleted. The family was slammed for being “racist.” Many fans called for the series to be canceled after seeing the video.

Katie goes on to mention the Bates and Duggar families’ connections. She writes, “Carlin & Evan Stewart were looking to purchase a car from Josh Duggar during the time he downloaded CSAM. Text messages to Evan from Josh were evidence at the trial.”

Finally, she adds, “The source claims only a scandal the size of the IBLP, Josh Duggar’s conviction & Gil Bates’ sermons circulating online, coupled with the George Floyd comments could cause the network to pull the plug. Advertisers don’t like controversy this size.”

It’s also worth noting that the Duggars and Bates will be featured in a documentary about the Institute of Basic Life Principles. This documentary, which is still in the works, is expected to reveal a lot about the families’ religions.

So, does it surprise you that UPtv canceled Bringing Up Bates for one of these reasons? Are you sad to see the series come to an end? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about UPtv and the Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I no longer need the up channel they want to take a good moral show off but they will replace it with trash good bye up channel

  2. I think it is a shame the show is being cancelled. It is literally the only thing I really watched on Uptv.

    Who among us has a perfect family?

    Most reality tv is pure garbage and flaunts the shameful things that ate done.

    I think the truth is the world is overly critical of Christians.

    Who knows what is taken out of context… what family could ever stand up to constant scrutiny? Could yours?

    Not to mention… 19 kids … most people have only a few and still there might be a “bad one” in the bunch (bunch being 3 or 4). You want to expect 19 kids to be faultless?

    Idk. I feel like it’s easy to judge. I admire how much this family seems to be close and truly love each other.

    That seems almost a miracle itself in this day and age.

    1. I totally agree! What does the Bible say about casting the first stone? This is a CHRISTian Family with morals (not claiming to be perfect), just CHRISTIANS, & most of the world doesn’t want ANY part of that!!! It offends them!!! But, ANY show with SEX, NUDITY, VILENCE, & BAD LANGUAGE, (LIKE USING GOD’S NAME IN VAIN, THE “F” WORD, & MANY OTHER BAD WORDS) IS JUST FINE WITH THEM! IT DOES “NOT” OFFEND THEM! WELL, IT “DOES” OFFEND ME BUT, DO I HAVE ALL OF THOSE SHOWS TAKEN OFF THE AIR? “NO” TV WOULD “NEVER” GO FOR THAT & NEITHER WOULD THE PEOPLE!!!

  3. If that is indeed the reason the Bates show was cancelled, I support the decision although I enjoyed the show. I wish I could unknow this.

  4. The entire family should not be punished because one person posted a video that was taken out of context. The video was of the family playing charades and one person was acting out beating someone and another person yelled out “George Floyd” as a guess. No one was mocking anything. Someone truly thought the scandal was what was being acted out. This family has African American cousins and African American aunts who were adopted by their grandmother. They have been on the show and Gil and Kelly Bates have encouraged people to see others as God does, not by skin color or any outward appearance but by the love in your heart for others, all others.

  5. Unbelievable. Every life has a few dark stains on it. But the Bates family has given good things a thousand times over … SO MUCH GOOD .
    Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water 🤦🏻‍♀️ Geez.
    Can we talk about it?
    Can a warning be given ?
    Hokey Pete 😡💔

  6. I’m sad to know the show is being cancelled. This is a wonderful family and I’m going to miss seeing them. Guess I will have to follow them online. But for up tv to connect the Bates with the Duggars and Josh well that isn’t right.

  7. Why did they have to cancel the show I enjoyed watching the show it was wonderful to see how they changed from the first show to now how they got married and raise their own family if they cancel it I wish they will bring it back on

  8. I think its sad that this show got canceled I never saw any such video and I watch the Bates regularly. I think they will be sorry when the fan base stops watching UPTV but thats their choice. Let him that is without sin cast the first stone!!!

  9. I think your reasoning is ridiculous. As a society we all make comments. They shouldn’t be chastized. I’m so sick of the politically, really is not correct.

  10. I have always liked Bringing up Bates and The Duggers. The one thing I didn’t like was that being described as “reality” shows was not true. They should show the bad with the good. An opportunity was missed in not bringing Josh Duggars child porn to the forefront and addressing,getting professional help and helping others in the same situation. I also think Bates do not show the issues young married families face. There is a lot of stress that goes with getting married,having kids immediately, setting up homes, moving,illness,etc. Both shows should deal with the REAL hard life issues. Take the bad with the good or call the show entertainment, not reality.

  11. I’m very upset about the whole deal. It’s bad enough the Bates family is being vilified. Why do they have to be lumped in with the Duggar family? All Christians are not crazy or secretly sex maniacs or racist.
    If certain family members can’t stop recording and posting
    everything then the family wouldn’t have been exposed. But we would be in the dark. This is quite a lesson for discussion. Would you rather know or not? Me, I still love them.

  12. This is so disgusting its ok that we have to make everything now about people of color what about the American Indian what about them??? Bringing Up Bates is an Awxome show so STUPID TO CANCEL!!!

  13. Seriously! People need to quit being so judged. Only God needs to judge. Humans are not perfect and are prone to make mistakes. The perfect opportunity was presented to confront right and wrong instead everything was shut down. If all of you crying shut down the series, if your son or daughter made a statement in poor taste would you get rid of them? Common sense has left and in its place a country of entitled, judgemental, you owe me people. Overall this family has shown a real family who had ups and downs but never lost faith and yes they made mistakes but they learned from them and that is what life is. Learning from the mistakes of the past and your own mistakes and making restitution for mistakes YOU make and not from the past you had no control over. Bring Season 11 back, you paid for it, good talent should not be hidden.

  14. I’ve watched The Bates since the beginning- The Duggars as well. I don’t blame UPTV for canceling either show. Josh is toxic, disgusting, and needed to stay off the show and away from minors. Jim Bob’s memory failed him as far as his daughters molestation went so that was the end of that family for me. I still follow Jill and check in on how the girls are doing.

    Carlin’s craving for attention brought her family’s show down IMO. The girl is just obnoxious. I got sick of the unrealistic storyline of having 19 kids and money to burn. These families will be better off without the limelight and $ from UPTV. Some of the kids have real jobs but some of them will have to get real jobs and scale down the weddings and trips. I think these huge families are too much of a liability for the stations to air.

  15. Bringing up Bates was a wonderful show and will be missed by many many fans. The UP Channel had made a a bad judgemental error and there is no bases to canceling this show. I am saddened and disappointed by this news because it was the absolute best show on UP. One more way to say no Jesus however Jesus is coming soon so we better be ready.

  16. These cults have no business being paraded on television pretending they’re a wholesome, moral family. Do the research, stop drinking the kool aid and conclude watching paint dry would be better than watching a 100% scripted “realty tv show”.

    1. Lies there is no cult. The show is their best show the show is way better than watching paint dry. Stop watching if you don’t like it and use the channel up and down buttons to change the channel instead of ruining it for fans who like the show

  17. It’s sad that this show is being taken away when they have not really did anything wrong and 19 kids came back on under a different name how far was that and bring up bates everyone that has posted says how they love it bring it back on

  18. The Bates are a wonderful family and are separate from the Duggers.
    That one comment was blown out of proportion and was onesided only. It is so nice to see a wholesome family and the Bates shouldn’t be canceled. I am tired of the Woke atmosphere this country has and anyone can make a mistake. Give them another chance. The world needs to come together instead of division.

  19. Only haters and trolls and anti family friendly shows groups believe the show deserves to be canceled. I saw the video and it’s a guess in a charades game nothing more nothing less so much overeacting

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