Fans Demand UPtv Cancel ‘Bringing Up Bates,’ Here’s Why

Bates Family Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)

Bringing Up Bates fans are calling for the cancelation of the UPtv show after seeing a disturbing video from the family. They think that the family has taken things too far and that this recent video is enough to end the show. Read on to get the full update on the Bates family.

Bringing Up Bates is supposed to return to UPtv for its eleventh season. It’s unclear if and how the new season will be affected by this new video.

Kelly Bates, UPtv (Bringing Up Bates Kelly Jo)

Carlin Stewart shares a ‘disturbing’ video while at a family gathering.

While at a Bates family gathering on Friday night, Carlin uploaded a video to her Instagram stories. In the video, her family is playing charades. Lawson Bates pretends to shoot one of his younger brothers to act out the “hunting” card. In the background, one of the other brothers yells, “George Floyd” as his guess.

Carlin Bates Instagram

Immediately, Carlin received backlash for this post and fans are calling for the show to be canceled so the Bates family loses their platform.

Bringing Up Bates fans urge UPtv to take action.

On social media, fans are talking about the disturbing video shared by Carlin. The video is circulating on Instagram, Reddit, and other platforms. Blogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared a screen recording on Instagram. In the comments, Bates family fans are calling on the network to cancel the series. One writes, “I saw this and was horrified. I sent messages to Carlin, the Bates Family, UpTV and the Bringing Up Bates page. No one even flinched. It’s obviously commonplace there.”

Over on Reddit, more fans are chatting about the video. One user writes, “I think it was Nathan and let’s cancel watching them. They need to be held accountable.”


Some fans are trying to figure out who said what in the video, and many think either Nathan or Trace is to blame. It looks like Carlin is taking a lot of heat for recording the video and posting the clip without giving it a second thought.

Carlin has since taken the video down and issued an apology to fans who messaged her about it. You can watch the video on Reddit, however.

So, do you think that Bringing Up Bates should be over after this? What do you think UPtv will end up doing about it, if anything? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below.

For more news about Kelly Jo and Gil Bates’ family, come back to TV Shows AceWe’ll continue to keep you updated on the fate of the show.

disturbing content via Carlin’s IG story tonight — someone yells “George Floyd” during charades
by u/Practical-Pianist-50 in BringingUpBates

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  1. I am so sick if cancel culture! If you don’t like them don’t watch, but don’t cancel another show over a tasteless joke.

    1. I agree! The world has gone nuts! Punishing the whole family over a stupid remark. Everyone has said something they regretted in their lifetime. No one is perfect. This is so ridiculous!

    2. Agreed. If anyone makes a mistake or says anything that is out of line they want to get rid of them. This is one of the purest families around , if there is such a thing. I don’t want them canceled either, I’m sure they will apologize for the comment because they didn’t mean any harm.

    3. No I don’t think they need to be cancel ..if they don’t cancel LeBron James or the view or SNL they shouldn’t make a big deal and if fans are saying this they are not true fans and haven’t watch all the seasons the Bates are not racist I’m tired of cancel culture if they fall to cancel culture bi won’t be watching uptv again love this family ..but please cancel the view and LeBron James they are true racist

      1. We all know fans never demanded they be canceled. Poor choice of words by the writer. It is a caustic hate filled reddit group that makes fake accounts to make their numbers appear greater. They are evil to their core, there is not one good thing about their vileness.

    4. I totally agree. You can’t even pretend to play anymore like my generation did as kids. But the funny thing they can play music and movies with the n word and foul language in it

    5. I have just recently started watching the reruns at 6am each morning & I thoroughly enjoy this show. I wish I had seen the show from the beginning. It hasn’t been on for the past week. With all the hate in this world, this show is one of the most wholesome things out there to watch. Like someone else said in another post, we have all said or done something stupid that we wish we hadn’t done, but there is no reason for it to be taken off air. I agree with Melissa Collins….if you don’t like them, don’t watch but don’t take it away from those of us who do like them. The devil is running rampant in our world right now where anything evil or hateful is ok but anything good is removed, just because of a minority of people’s views. BRING BACK THE BATES!

    6. I totally agree! I just cancelled up tv. How is it people are so sensitive you can’t even say someone’s name if they are no longer on earth. I wonder if the pregnant woman he held at gunpoint while his friends robbed her house wanted every show canceled that didn’t mention what she went through. It’s like you have to watch every word that comes out of your mouth if you are a conservative but Joe Biden can call someone a SOB and the liberals praise him for it. In Nazi germany you had to watch every word you spoke also or someone would turn you in and you’d either be killed or sent to a concentration camp. Right now they just cancel you. If this continues I think we all know where it might lead us and people act completely clueless about history!

    7. I totally agree!!!!! There’s so many things said that are even worse than that that offends me yet I don’t see those shoes being taken off!! Like Melissa said, if it offends you don’t watch it but don’t remove it ….it’s my favorite show and have so looked forward to the new season!!!
      People need to grow up…if you don’t like it don’t watch it but don’t remove it for those of us who love it!!!!

  2. I love the Bates family. I hope UPTV does not cancel the show. I have watched all 10 seasons. And its so exciting to see how they have all grown up since the beginning of the 1st show.

  3. No they shouldn’t be canceled. Insensitive comment. Stupid comment. The boys in that family are the first ones to jump on a plane, their own plane, and fly to natural disasters to assist, the US, Philippines and most recently Haiti. Their dime, their time. So stop this canceling everything is getting out of hand.

  4. Agreed it was an unfortunate mistake but they are human and we all make mistakes!!! Every single one of us!!! This is one of the best family shows on tv. Like Jesus said “you without sin cast the first stone.” She has apologized and the video was immediately taken dow. If UP takes this show off I will never watch them again.

    1. Right there with you! I hope and oray UPTV realizes if they cancel this show they will lose the majority of their viewing audience and their network will likely go under. Iam do sick of cancel culture over people just being human.

  5. They were playing a game for God’s sake. You all need to get over it and leave people alone. It is ridiculous how people judge others. You need to look at yourselves.

    1. Several people only know about uptv because of fhe bates. Many people, including me, will not watch uptv if they cancel bringinf up bates. It was not smart to post the video. However, it is not worth canceling a show over. Whoever made this article is putting out false information. Actual fans would obviously not call for the show to be cancelled.

  6. Can no one make a mistake anymore! This is ridiculous! I love the show and will continue to watch. If that bothered you that much stop watching. No one is twisting your arm.

  7. Cancel culture is ruining this country. Don’t watch if you don’t like it. Ridiculous. Please don’t cancel them. I would like to see people hold themselves to the same standard that they hold other to.

  8. Please don’t cancel the Bates.
    It’s a show that families can watch together. If you don’t like
    the show, don’t watch. That
    simple. Personally, I think its

  9. Do not cancel the Bates!!!! This negativity is going way too far. No one can say anything without getting g canceled or getting charged brought against them we all make mistakes and this to just let go. The r is very little descent things to watch.

    1. Yes because he said George Floyd! A man who was murdered! George Floyd was not killed by a gun, he was killed by a police officer who had his knee on his neck for 9 minutes so not sure why his name would be called out in connection to a gun

      1. Probably because of the fact that during his “choir boy” days he had held a gun to a pregnant woman’s head! But that was okay! Whether people like it or not, they don’t deserve to be canceled because of what they said at a family gathering. Especially when all these other Hollywood loudmouths get to spew their hatred all over the news and TV!

  10. Fans are NOT calling for them to be canceled. Those of the Demonic Cancel Culture are calling for it. Those Demons were waiting for one mistake to destroy good people for the sake of their Evil Agenda.

  11. Please don’t cancel. A mistake was made. The video was taken down with an apology. It’s the only show that I love to watch.

  12. Don’t cancel the show the best family friendly show around everyone has a slip of the tongue if the show offends you don’t watch.

  13. NO I do not want them to cancel Bringing Up Bates. We all make mistakes and sometimes bad ones. There is not one person who has probably not said something that was wrong theirs just wasn’t caught on video. And I don’t think it’s fans that want the show canceled its people who don’t like the fact it’s a show about a family of Christians

  14. Things are so out of hand anymore. They should not be canceled over a something like that. How else are you suppost to act out hunting ? Really if you are that sensitive and easily offended then don’t watch TV. Im really giving up on this world and all the cry babies

  15. Good grief! And here I thought it was just the hateful extreme liberals that got butt hurt so easy. So sick of all the “wokeness” and cancel culture! God created us and gave us our rights and freedoms and yet so many so-called “Christians” have bought into the devil’s evil propaganda.

  16. Keep the show on! This show is such a wholesome show, not a whole lot of things on tv are wholesome any more! Some people are just scrutinizing everything just to cancel what is good. Don’t want to have anything innocent for people to see! I say it’s just plain evil and satan works through people just to get his way!

  17. I also believe this was a family game. No harm was intended. If those clamoring to shut down the show have never made a mistake let them speak up. Frankly I have never met anyone ever who never ever made a mistake. I only know people who make many. God bless the Bates for putting themselves out there.

  18. Fans are not calling to cancel the evil of this world is please don’t cancel it I love bringing up Bates watch every season please don’t cave in to the evilness of the world

  19. Don’t cancel this show it’s not the fans who want them cancel it’s liberals and race baiters real fans love this family and stands behind them don’t cancel don’t cave to the e mess of the media

  20. Don’t cancel this show it’s not the fans who want them cancel it’s liberals and race baiters real fans love this family and stands behind them don’t cancel don’t cave to the evilness of the media

  21. Amazing to me all of the so-called entertainment we have in this country where God’s name is taken in vain repeatedly and no one cares but someone yells out a person’s name and it’s the unpardonable sin. Was it insensitive and in poor taste? Yes. Was it as offensive as this article is making it out to be? Not to the point of cancelling the show. Teachable moment for the person who said it.

  22. I am so tired of people finding any reason to want to cancel nice family shows. While TLC shows trash on its network but cancels counting on . I hope that UP tv shows more common sense and leaves the Bates family on their channel.

  23. It was a guess in a game. This is not the feelings of the family! People need to relax! Not picking at every word during a game is rediculous! This family represents God and His love for everyone! They are not racist. I think these people that bully on social media are the racist!


  24. No they do not need to be canceled. If you don’t like what someone said then don’t watch their show. People need to get over themselves. Enough of this cancel this and cancel that, but it’s ok to leave this one and that one.

  25. I would like to know where this so called person got their information. I only watch up tv to watch bringing up Bates if they cancel it over this then I will personally never watch this channel again. I haven’t seen the video and frankly don’t care too. They were playing charades one George Floyd was not shot so most likely who evere said what they said don’t know the whole story. Was it a tragic situation yes anytime a life is taken it is. The only thing I can say is if your going to throw a hissy fit about something why not about the fact tv shows are showing where women and kids are nothing more then to be used as slaves to man . How to be accepted you have to show off your private parts and have sex with everyone. Doing drugs and drinking is ok . Abusing kids is great. Like Yellowstone I tried watching that show and frankly it made me sick.

  26. This is ridiculous. You want to cancel a great show for someone prending to do something when you see this in movie and tv shows all the time. This is s great family. But you want to keep a show like the duggars on where you got a sex offender who molested his sisters and is a porn attic and his shady dad and mousy mom defended him and kept the secret from law enforcement for years. That’s just great. The world we live in today sucks. If they want to cancel shows and movies do all the ones that are scripted and promote sex violence and profanity not something sweet and awesome and meaningful like the bates family

  27. This is one of my favorite family shows. I look forward to watching them. I do question why Kelly Jo and Erin are always the center. They have their noises in everything. You don’t see the other girls acting like them.. These are grown kids they don’t need champerones. They don’t need mommy going on dates with them. They are Baptist and so are we and we don’t act like that.

  28. This is one of the best if not the best show that is on. Very loving family and I love watching it. You snowflakes have to go. No wrong doing !!!!

  29. Oh my gosh.. Get a life people! I love this show it’s a clean Christian show. Leave them alone and leave the show on. If Uptv takes them off the air then I will never watch another thing from their app and I will delete it and demand a refund. People make mistakes and should be allowed to make mistakes without their whole world crumbling.

  30. I wouldn’t watch a racist family like this. There’s been no apologies issues, except for Carlin’s half-hearted one. The man who made the racist comment has not apologized and presumably does not regret it. I hope they cancel this show.

  31. I’m so tired of the cancel culture we live in! If UP tv cancels Bringing up Bates I will be calling Direct tv to get rid of their channel since the only show I watch on that channel is B.U.B. Every single one of us has said or done something hurtful or stupid so all these people who want to get the show canceled should look in the mirror and realize they aren’t perfect either and should probably find something else to be upset about.

  32. Get over it. Make a mountain out of a molehill. It was a game. The person who yelled it probably didn’t even realize how it sounded. I’m sure they do now and are sorry for it. Show doesn’t need to be canceled over one person’s mistake. It’s a good show and I would continue to watch it.

  33. Apparently certain people have never played charades before or watched this show. One of the topics in charades is current events. I don’t know if this was one of the topics they were acting out or what they were acting out because the video is not that clear. . George Floyd story has been all over the news. So it would be understand able if the topic was current events for someone to say his name. Even though he was not shot. Some of you maybe upset about this video for a lot of reasons. To me they were not making light of what happened to George Floyd but playing a game . If the video was not enhanced like it is here we probably would have never noticed it . No one in this video makes rude comments about George Floyd or says anything really about it but his name. The video of what happened had been all over the news and no one said a thing about that. But because this family plays a game and acts out something and someone says this man’s name everyone gets up set. Frankly I tried to read some of the comments and it appears to be people that have their own agenda that has nothing to do with what happened in this video to want this show cancelled. To me they are using an innocent situation and making it more then what it is to condemn this family because they believe and think and are different then them. I won’t use that card here but it has been used alot here lately to harm innocent people so others can hurt someone that is not like them and think or say what they want to hear. This family did nothing no other family has down in the past . They were playing a game nothing more. So please stop your pettiness and using something innocent to get your own perverted revenge all because this family does not agree with you.

  34. Really people. If you don’t like the video than stop watching the show. There are those of us who love the show and do not want it canceled. If the show gets taken off the air than I will be cutting off my DirecTV. I am so sick of people. I am so over this mess. The world we live in today has gone nuts.

    1. There seems to be a lot of over sensitive and or stupid people out there with too much time. Don’t cancel a show simply because someone made a remark you don’t like. I really don’t see a problem and for those that do WATCH SOMETHING ELSE. Also, quit following the family on Instagram if all you are doing is looking for something to whine about.

  35. I don’t think the show needs to be cancelled. First, Carlin probably shouldn’t have uploaded the video. Second, she apologized. Third, this was done in the privacy of their home. Cancelling the program is extreme. I don’t agree with that.
    I do think the Bates should make sure that any video that is uploaded, is clear of any thing that could possibly effect any and all feelings.

  36. Please don’t cancel the Bates family. This cancel culture is sickening. Their show was the best show on at 5am. Don’t cancel over a mistake that I’m sure has been sincerely regretted and prayed about by the Bates. What has happened to prayer and forgiveness of one’s shortcomings in this world today? No, we want to cancel or crucify someone forever for a mistake. We all make mistakes. What does Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty think? He’s been made an example of cancel culture. Listen to his podcasts. It’s about faith, life lessons and forgiveness through the Lord not the world.

  37. This is so ridiculous! I LOVE this show & the entire Bates family. I pay to stream UPtv, ONLY for this one show! No Bates, NO UPtv for me! Period.

  38. I do not think the show bub should be canceled because kids are kids and they don’t think before they speak they were playing a game I do blame Carlin for putting it out there on social media she should know better but I don’t know think it is something to cancel the show over. People need to get over it. At least they aren’t child molesters. Let’s get our priorities straight. There is to much social media out there they need to cut these things off like YouTube and tick tock most of what they allow on there is decusting. So let’s keep this show on

    1. Get over it people! Do not surrender to such intimidation.
      Move on.
      Keep the show
      I watch and would not like to miss an episode.
      Don’t keep this “alive” by continued “reporting”. Best advice, move on and continue the program !

  39. Bring back the Bates! One of the few clean shows on TV. We all do and say stupid things without thinking at times. They apologized. Let it go at that!!!!

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