4 Months Ago, UPtv Bragged About ‘Bringing Up Bates’ As ‘Rating Winner’

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On Tuesday, January 18, Bringing Up Bates fans received the shocking news that UPtv had canceled the show. As we reported back in September, the series was renewed for its eleventh season. It was set to premiere on UPtv on February 10.

Now, less than a month before the premiere date, it’s all been called off. Fans have been trying to figure out why the show was canceled. This is especially odd due to the number of fans Bringing Up Bates has. Many people have enjoyed being a part of the family’s lives for years. So, it doesn’t sound like the show was canceled due to low ratings.

Now, a quote from one of the higher-ups at UPtv has resurfaced, revealing just how popular Bringing Up Bates has been.

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UPtv cancels Bringing Up Bates despite being a ‘rating winner.’

In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball points out the way UPtv has been promoting Bringing Up Bates throughout the past few months. The blogger writes, “UpTV has been relentlessly promoting the new season of Bringing Up Bates. In September, UPTV called the series a ratings winner. They were excited for the new season.”

When Bringing Up Bates was renewed for its eleventh season, Hector Campos, vice president, content strategy, and programming at UPtv, issued a statement. He said:

Bringing Up Bates continues to outperform its prior seasons in the ratings because the Bates are beloved by our viewers and fans who watch the series weekly and engage with the family on social media. We repeatedly hear from viewers how much they appreciate the Bates family and that they look forward to spending time with their favorite large family each week for an entertaining and uplifting safe haven on television.”

Naturally, this raises questions as fans try to figure out what led to the show’s cancelation. Based on Campos’ statement, it sounds like Bringing Up Bates was doing great numbers for UPtv. So, it doesn’t seem like the series was canceled so suddenly due to rating issues.

Fans still have concerns about what could be going on behind the scenes and what caused the series to have to end so suddenly. But the show still seems to be popular. Fans’ response to the cancelation seems to prove it’s still a favorite.

So, does it surprise you that UPtv would cancel Bringing Up Bates after calling it a rating winner? Do you have any idea why the series might have been canceled so suddenly? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Bring up Bates is by far the only reason I have UP TV. So disappointed that people expect perfect people in an imperfect world.
    I know 5 people shutting down their UP TV app. So ridiculous… it is my favorite show ever!

  2. Why cancel a good thing. Something is off here. If enough people complain and do not watch the channel anymore maybe they will wise up and bring it back on.

  3. According to a post on UPtv, Carlin posted a blog and video of a family game being played.
    An adult was making a gun shooting and a kid saying who the person getting shot was George Floyd. Folks went crazy saying it was so insensitive and they wanted the Bates booted off the air.
    Go to UPtv and see for yourself.

  4. This just shows us all that television and it’s workers are just like our Government! The only thing that matters to them is filth and money! 🙏 This IS the BEST show on my television! Shame on you UP TV! 🙏😢

  5. A few months ago I purchased a subscription from my Amazon Prime just to watch Bringing Up Bates. My daughter and granddaughters got me interested in the show towards the end of last year. Then it happened, I started binge watching so I could catch up. How disappointing to find out Bringing Up Bates has been cancelled. There are hundreds of shows that are terrible with vulgar content and embarrassing language. I agree with the previous comment that people aren’t perfect (no one has been except Christ). They never acted like they were perfect people, they would seek out counsel, rely on older members of the family for advice, and relied on doctors and ministers for direction. They definitely testified about their faith in God. Showed how to serve and reach out to others to help them. All wonderful things to be reminded of when the world is falling apart. Would like to see this show brought back.

    I guess we don’t need to continue our subscription to UpTv. Sad

  6. In my previous comment I should have said after describing the hundreds of others shows with horrible content. Is that I was never embarrassed to watch Bringing Up Bates with my granddaughters because the content was clean and up-lifting.

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