Duggar Family’s Religious Organization IBLP To Be Featured In New Docuseries

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The Duggar family is receiving lots of attention following Josh’s recent trial and conviction. Many people are interested in the family and want to learn more about them. Over the years, the Duggars have interacted with people who are now coming forward and sharing more details about what goes on behind the scenes.

For example, Josh’s alleged former bodyguard spoke out about him and several other members of the family. Someone who was featured on one episode of 19 Kids & Counting has shared her personal experience with Michelle Duggar’s two faces. Other sources are coming out anonymously, too. Plenty more secrets may go public soon.

It’s unclear what exactly will come with all of these new pieces of information going public. But it’s definitely putting more attention on the family.

Variety revealed Wednesday that a new docuseries is in the works, which will expose more of the family’s secrets. The docuseries will also focus on their religious organization. The docuseries is from Amazon Studios, which also produced LuLaRich. In addition to Amazon Studios, The Cinemart, Story Force, and Chick Entertainment are all behind the docuseries. It will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in late 2022 or 2023. Production is already underway.

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Duggar family to be included in new docuseries with Bates and Plaths.

For those who don’t know, the Duggars belong to a religious organization, the Institute of Basic Life Principles.

The logline for the docuseries reads:

 “On the heels of Josh Duggar’s explosive criminal trial, the untitled project will expose shocking connections between some of reality television’s most famous large families and The Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial fundamentalist organization and homeschooling empire. In addition, prominent commentators, writers, and social media voices will explore the broader zeitgeist of reality television, social media, faith, fundamentalism, patriarchy, and power.”

According to Variety, the Duggars aren’t the only ones to be featured in the docuseries. The Bates family, who are friends of the Duggars, and have their own show, Bringing Up Bates will be included, too. The docuseries will also feature the Plath family of TLC’s Welcome to PlathvilleAll three families are a part of the IBLP.

So, will you be watching the new docuseries when it comes out? Are you interested in learning more about the IBLP and what the Duggars, Bates, and Plaths believe? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. Thank you for writing this article and alerting us of the upcoming series on the IBLP. I definitely will be watching this series. Having been in an authoritarian cultic Christian group for over 30 years. I try to keep my eye out for series like this just to remind myself why I left. I have never watched the Duggar or debates show, but just to get a perspective I think I’ll look in just to see what it’s like. But I’m very familiar with the homeschooling, no television, skirt wearing crowd. I know from personal experience that these types of rules can be extremely damaging, especially to children in their development. It is coincidental that I am starting my own research on this group because I have a YouTube channel where I talk about cultic Christianity and my experiences.

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