Production Spent Tons On ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Before Pulling The Plug

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In a shocking announcement on Tuesday, January 18, UPtv revealed that Bringing Up Bates Season 11 would not be airing on the network. The new season was originally set to premiere on February 10. So, this news broke less than a month before the slated premiere date.

With the news of the cancelation, UPtv didn’t share too many details. The network simply stated that they would be pivoting their content and that an upcoming scripted series is in the works.

While it’s possible that UPtv’s changing focus prompted them to cancel the Bates family’s show, fans are convinced something else is going on. After all, with the premiere just weeks away, filming and production are already in the works or almost finished. This sudden change seems odd, fans agree.

Now, details into just how close UPtv was to being finished with Bringing Up Bates have come out. As it turns out, the network already invested a lot of money into the new season.

Alyssa Webster Instagram, Bringing Up Bates
Alyssa Webster Instagram

Bringing Up Bates production was well underway when the cancelation happened.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball has connections to people close to UPtv. The blogger revealed what she has learned from her sources after the show was canceled.

In a new Instagram post, she shared her findings, writing, “According to my source, UPTV abruptly stopped production of season 11 of Bringing up Bates. The network had paid for filming in Italy, Nathan & Katie’s weddings, and other family announcements.”

Then, Katie added, “All the footage was filmed & they were allegedly in the middle of the couch interviews. The network has spent ‘a ton of money’ on the new season.”

During Bringing Up Bates Season 11, fans were supposed to see Lawson Bates propose to his girlfriend, Tiffany Espensen in Italy. This was already filmed a couple of months ago.

There were also two weddings set to be featured during this season of the show. Nathan Bates married Esther Keyes in October. Then, in December, Katie Bates and Travis Clark tied the knot.

Plus, there were several babies born in the summer of 2021 and a couple more babies on the way.  So, it sounds like there was plenty more footage all ready to go. Fans are now wondering why the network would scrap the show after putting lots of time, money, and energy into filming and production.

So, does it shock you that Bringing Up Bates was really canceled? Do you think anything will happen with the footage already produced? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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  1. I am very upset about Bringing up Bates not being on anymore. I will cancel my subscription to the up channel because of it. That is the only show I really enjoy watching on the channel.

    1. I am sadden about the cancellation of Bringing Up Bates.I really loved the good wholesome family show. That was the main reason I watched UpTv.

  2. I have already canceled my UpTv. I hope The Inspiration channel or GTV will pick them up while Up’s ratings tank!!! This is a huge mistake that will most likely sink Up Tv!

  3. I am very sad and disappointed that the network canceled this show. They have lost so many viewers and will continue to lose more!!! Hopefully another network will pick them up!!

  4. I’m Very Upset About The Cancellation of the Bates Show Being Canceled! I Love That Family They We’re Better Then Anything On Up Tv I Will Be Canceling My Subscription To Up Now Cause I Only Got It To Watch The Bates Family. Now I Bet Everyone Will Be Canceling The Subscription Cause You Took The Show Off The Air! Shame On You Guys😡😤😡😤😡

  5. I hope to cowards go bankrupt I certainly will never watch their channel again. Bringing up Bates was the only reason I watched the network. I have written to them and told exactly how I feel I think I might just write to my cable company and ask them to take the channel off the lineup.

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