Mady Gosselin Wraps Up 2021 With Cake & Dancing

Former TLC child-star Mady Gosselin shared her New Year’s holiday celebration with followers on Instagram. Oddly, fans were surprised at her behavior. How did Mady wrap up her 2021? Read on to get the details about her New Year’s Eve celebration.

Mady Gosselin Goes Low Key for N-Y-E

Now 21, Mady Gosselin is officially a grown-up. The former TLC star is currently attending classes at Syracuse University in New York.  While most of her fellow GenZ ‘ers were out celebrating at bars and parties, Mady decided to celebrate the end of 2021 in a much more toned-down fashion.

On Saturday night, the energetic former child reality star hung out at home with a friend. She shared several photos of her evening with her followers on Instagram. Mady’s audience was surprised to find that on her first year of being fully legal, Mady opted to not head out on the town.

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Instead of going out, the young influencer’s photo montage showed her and a close friend living their best lives at home. They enjoyed a scrumptious-looking chocolate cake and a fruity bottle of Rose Barefoot Bubbly. The pair was also photographed dancing back to back with her friend, both of them wearing strappy camisole-like slip dresses.

How Are Things On The Gosselin Family Front

For now, things pretty much remain unchanged. Mady and her twin sister, Cara are both in college now. The girls have both chosen to stay with their mother Kate when they are on breaks from school. Mady’s parents, former TLC celebs, Jon and Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8 and later Kate Plus 8) have been in a tumultuous custody battle over their 8 children since their split back in 2009.

Mady’s father, Jon, sat down with Dr. Oz earlier this year and revealed that his twin girls have not spoken to him in about eight years. According to Jon, he continues to try and make contact with them through texts and calls every year. Unfortunately, while he remains hopeful that they will be able to bridge the gap in their relationship one day, right now the girls still refuse to speak to him.

During the Dr. Oz interview, Dad did seem to find a light in the fact that the girls clearly haven’t blocked him. He claims that they see his messages because the “messages are blue.”

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Mady Gosselin’s Twin Throws The Ultimate Diss

As for why the girls refuse to talk to their father, Jon suspects that there is a lot of misplaced anger and frustration. The former reality Dad makes no bones about how toxic he feels his ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, is – and how she has poisoned her children’s minds against him. While we may never know how angry the girls are or their reasons for keeping their distance, we do know that at least one of the twins refuses to claim their father publicly.

During his chat with Dr. Oz, it was revealed that Mady Gosselin’s twin sister, Cara, is on the Rowing team at Fordham University in NYC. On the school’s website sports pages, the school publishes a short biography for its athletes. Where most kids thank their parents and sponsors for their support, Cara’s page only claims one parent, her mother, Kate Gosselin.

Photo Credit: Fordham University

Fans of the family feel that Cara’s neglect to claim her father speaks volumes about how she feels. Whether she is justified or not, the public may never know, but clearly, the eldest Gosselin girls are still very much affected by the chaos and drama that split their family at the seams.

Do you think the twins will ever mend their relationship with their father? Tell us in the comments.

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