Mady Gosselin Defends Risqué Photo: ‘I’ll Do Whatever I Want’ 

Mady Gosselin Instagram

Former TLC personality Mady Gosselin got a little risqué with her latest Instagram update. Most of her followers were here for the stunning and sultry snap. One follower, however, urged Kate and Jon’s daughter to “be careful.” Mady, however, wasn’t interested in what the troll had to say. And, she was quick to defend herself and her choices.

Mady Gosselin cranks up the heat with sexy snaps

Mady Gosselin posted a few sultry snaps of herself on Instagram last night. The first featured a post of her on her back. She had her head tilted to one side as she gazed at the camera with a seductive look on her face. She rocked a green and white plaid outfit that seemingly hugged her curves in all the right places.

Kate Gosselin Mady Gosselin Cara Gosselin
Kate Gosselin Mady Gosselin Cara Gosselin/Youtube

A quick swipe reveals the second photo was even spicier than the first. The photo featured an up close shot of Mady Gosselin’s curvaceous bosom. She was thumbing through the pages of a book. So, there was clearly someone else snapping these photos. Noticeably, the camera was looking down at Mady. This gave viewers a generous view of her voluptuous bosom and an ample amount of cleavage.


Mady Gosselin Instagram
Mady Gosselin Instagram

The TLC personality defends her picture amid criticism

One critical follower urged Mady Gosselin to be careful with posting this type of content on her social media. As those who follow her on Instagram know, she’s never posted photos like this before. The individual noted Mady was putting herself at risk of being contacted by pervs because of the second photo attached to this post.

Mady fired back at the individual noting they were doing EXACTLY what they warned her about.

“Like exactly what you’re doing with this comment? everything women do is sexualized, so i’m going to do/post whatever i want 🙂 i appreciate you looking out for me though.” Mady fired back.

The critical comment did not receive any likes while Mady’s response netted several. So, it did not appear as if anyone agreed with the criticism. Most, however, agreed with Mady Gosselin’s right to post whatever she wanted on her profile.

Are you surprised to see Mady Gosselin post sultry snaps on her Instagram profile? Should she heed the warnings of a stranger and be careful? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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