Mady Gosselin Reveals Disturbing News About Family Drama

Mady Gosselin death threats

It’s hard to believe that another large family came before the Busbys of OutDaughteredJon & Kate Plus 8 features Jon and Kate Gosselin, their twin daughters, and their sextuplets. The series airs for 11 Seasons. Eventually, Jon and Kate go through a nasty divorce. Somehow, Kate ends up with her own show, Kate Plus 8. More recently, she stars in Kate Plus Date. Keep reading to find out what this had to do with Mady receiving death threats.

Jon and Kate have a knack for making headlines even years after their divorce. Recently, some of the kids get to go live with their dad. Hannah and Collin live with their dad while their siblings still live with their mom. Jon goes as far as to say that the other six children are estranged from him. However, he hopes that they will reconcile in the future. He tells Hollywood Life‘I hope one day maybe they just knock on my door or maybe drop me a line or text me. Something like that.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Mady Gosselin is 20 years old, in college, and handling trolls like a pro

Mady, now 20 years old, opens up about what her life is like. If being in college and dealing with a large, dramatic family isn’t difficult enough, Mady shares with the media that she gets death threats. However, anyone that views her TikTok knows she has a knack for dealing with the haters.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 Mady Gosselin death threats embed
Instagram Madelyn Gosselin

For example, someone writes on one of Mady’s TikToks, “This girl is so annoying, it’s a shame she is so BEAUTIFUL.” In response, Mady quips, “…so, you think I’m pretty. Are we about to kiss?”

She has a lot of nice fans

One of the TikToks that gets media attention recently is of Mady resting her head on a pillow with the caption: “how i sleep knowing that i can’t relate to this lyric because i had an extremely unconventional childhood AND i have adhd.” The song she references is Olivia Rodrigo’s “Enough For You.”

It’s hard to believe that Mady gets death threats. A quick scroll through the comment section shows a lot of very supportive fans. One fan writes, “Ppl always say like you’re a Disney kid or nick kid but I was a tlc kid I watched your show every second of the day lol.” Another fan comments, “when i was like 11 i made my mom take me to red robin because i think you did with your mom.”

Are you surprised to learn that Mady Gosselin gets death threats because of her family? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more TLC news.

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  1. Hmmm. Well. Her childhood certainly was atypical. Her parents were a couple of REAL “winners.” A spoiled brat, wimpy, whiny father. An absolute shrew for a mother. I don’t think any of the 8 spawn could leave childhood unscathed. However\, I must say what i saw of Mady on tv – – throughout the show and in online reports – – makes me secure in saying that this one has always been “a trip.” Her behavior has been some of the most obnoxious I’ve ever witnessed (granted it was filmed) and I’ve been a teacher for 33 years. ADD? I’d actually bet the farm that SEVERAL letters (like an “H” and Surely the acronym ODD as well) must be added to the label/diagnosis.

    Not sure she could’ve escaped any of it though.

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