When the captains and crews from the Deadliest Catch started crab fishing… They surely never imagined they would become celebrities. The F/V Northwestern captain, Sig Hansen, has recently shared some of his craziest celebrity experiences. While most people are star struck, who is the person that has struck the surly captain speechless? Captain Sig has
The latest Deadliest Catch news may divide fans of the the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen has implied that his daughter, Mandy Hansen-Pederson, will take over as captain, not Edgar Hansen, Sig’s wayward brother. What do we know about the future of the Northwestern? Sig Hansen Reveals A Lot of Deadliest Catch News Recently, Captain Sig
The Deadliest Catch Season 15 began with a bang, including a shocking revelation that Sig Hansen had a heart attack between seasons! Perhaps, the bigger shock is that chain-smoker Captain Sig has actually quit smoking cigarettes, just a few years after he suffered the mother of all heart attacks. What are the details behind Captain