‘Deadliest Catch’ News: When Captain Sig Retires, Mandy Will Take Over As Captain, Bypassing Edgar

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The latest Deadliest Catch news may divide fans of the the Northwestern. Captain Sig Hansen has implied that his daughter, Mandy Hansen-Pederson, will take over as captain, not Edgar Hansen, Sig’s wayward brother. What do we know about the future of the Northwestern?

Sig Hansen Reveals A Lot of Deadliest Catch News

Recently, Captain Sig Hansen revealed his recent medical scare that happened before the Deadliest Catch Season 15 began. He had a second heart attack, but thankfully he is fine now. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he discussed his possible retirement and who would take over the Northwestern. If his younger brother, Deadliest Catch star Edgar Hansen, the deck boss and engineer of the family crab boat, thought that he was going to take it over, he may need to think again. It is clear that Mandy Hansen-Pederson and her husband Clark Pederson are going to run the boat after Captain Sig retires.

EW asked Sig how he felt about Mandy taking over. Sig was assured the interviewer that “Oh, she’s fine.” He went on to say that Mandy and Clark “can take it and run.” He attributed their youth and energy as huge assets. He also gave the couple a thumbs up with the statement, “they got this.” Sig went on to explain that he has “got a foot out the door.” He confessed that his “mentality” was different from two decades ago.


Captain Sig’s Reason For Not Retiring

Sig Hansen revealed that the reason he has yet to retire is because his ego won’t let him stop. Sig even generalized that all captains have the same issue by stating that “All of us are egomaniacs.” Sig even joked that if they had a “shrink in Dutch Harbor, we’d be better off.”

Maybe the surly Norwegian needs to talk to the Swedish Hillstrands? Currently, the Time Bandit is up for sale and Captain Johnathan is waxing poetic about time and how short life is. Sig and John are pretty close in age, and in similar circumstances. They have been fishing all of their lives and figuring out the next step is a challenge. Sig’s health issues could be a good reason to return to shore and do something new. This is quite a challenge as this is a guy that was born and bred to be a captain.

Being a captain on a crab boat, doing a job like this is very unique. New show captain, Steve “Harley” Davidson even reveled that when he goes to the grocery store, his head is held high. He is doing something “very few” can do.

Has Edgar Hansen’s Wayward Ways And Personal Demons Prevented Him From Being the Northwestern’s Captain?

Then there is Edgar Hansen. Throughout most of the first 13 seasons of the show, Edgar made it clear that he wanted to become captain. Early on, his personal addictions caused Sig to not believe his brother would be right to be a captain. The brothers had the same fights onboard the Northwestern. Deadliest Catch fans were torn on whether Sig could allow Edgar to run the boat. Yet, Edgar has not really been pushing to be a captain anymore.

There was some question on whether former greenhorn Jake Anderson would end up the Northwestern captain. After several frustrating years, and Jake’s tears, it was clear that he needed to go to another boat if he was going to fulfill that dream career. He of course, is now the captain of the Saga.

Sig Hansen Did Not Want Mandy To Become A Captain

Then in 2014, Mandy came on the boat, fresh from nautical school.  Sig was reportedly always against any women to become fishing captains. Yet, Mandy’s own drive, that matched her father’s, clearly won him over. She always said that Hansens had to step up, and she has been stellar. It is not clear if Mandy and Edgar were battling it out against each other, or if Edgar’s own personal problems and back health made him step back. He clearly respects his young, energetic niece, as does the rest of the Northwestern crew.

In addition, when EW spoke to Sig about Mandy and Clark taking over, he did not correct them to say that his brother Edgar Hansen, or even other brother, Norman Hansen would be replacing him. It is a now a given, Mandy Hansen-Pederson is the future captain of the Northwestern, and she will be the first female captain on the Deadliest Catch.

Do you Mandy should be the future captain of the Northwestern? Deadliest Catch fans, would you rather see Edgar Hansen as the future captain of the Northwestern? Or, do you think his previous actions do not make him worthy of being captain? Please share your opinions in the comment field below. The new season of the Deadliest Catch 2019 airs on Tuesdays, at 9 p.m., on Discovery.

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  1. Sign owns 1/3 of the northwestern as does edgar and norman. So I would think that in order for sig to allow mandy to eventually take over norman and edgar will need to be in agreement.

    1. True as well as I think the same I fell edger and norm has put the most time and hard work in on the boat with his brother and I fell without all of them all working together as they was coming up then sig wouldn’t have gotten where he is now without both of them so I fell as if when he retires then edger or norm should be next up in line for captain and Mandy come on board as co-captain and her husband deck hand and when they retire she would have put in her time and then it will be handed over to her that’s how it goes that’s how it is passed down from generations to generation if not that boat will not make it in the family long after sig retires not cause I don’t think Mandy can’t make it happen but because the other two brothers will not allow it to happen that way especially if they all have shares in them.

      1. After the recent news of Edgar’s legal problems involving underage sexual assault, even though there was a plea deal and no jail time, which I think was horrible, that is not the character needed for a captain. I think Mandy and her husband will do just fine. She went to school and taught by the best!!

        1. The derby fishing was much better. A lot more boats sunk then. The show was way better the first 3 seasons. Now it sucks. I liked it better when more boats sunk.

          1. The show has already lost some of its edge. Was a shame when Phil Harris died..yelled for his kids to succeed. But with the Time Bandit gone and talk that Mandy will become a captain..I’m done.

  2. I think that even though Edgar has been on the boat with Sig and is a capable interim Captain for Sig His age is against him and with his demons it’s probably better to let Mandy take the helm she has the back. She is showing she has good instincts and has the confidence and self esteem to trust her instincts. She is proving to be a true Leader. I think in the Man’s World of Crab Fishermen The Northwestern is probably the only boat she would be able to handle since she has enough family members to help protect and enforce her plans for the boat. Any other boat may not be so safe.

  3. Although Mandy has the backing of her dad, I wonder how the crew is gonna react to her and the running of the boat. As Sig has said many times before there is a lot more to running a boat than just dropping pots and waiting a few days and come back to filled pots every season. You need quite a few years of just operating a ship with the length and draft the size of the “North Western”, in good weather, in bad weather, during daylight and during no light, calm seas and violent seas with a good crew you can trust to a crew that’s been banged up all season long. It all comes down to the captains experience in keeping the crew safe, the boat safe and the business making a bunch of money to make it all worth it in the end. And that takes quite a while for it to all come together. Either way MAndy has a lot to learn but she also has a lot of knowledge at her disposal.

    1. I totally agree. Sig wouldn’t put her the boat or crew in that position unless she got a few years under her belt .if Sig for some reason had another heart attack and had to leave the boat Edgar would be the one driving the boat because he knows what his doing .though the discovery channel wouldn’t show the Northwestern again if Edgar was on the show again this season, but my guess they’ll bring him back next year thinking everyone forgot about what Edgar did. they know they’ll lose a lot more viewers if the Northwestern isn’t on the show.

      1. I in NO WAY condone what Edgar did but I didn’t see anyone condemning R Kelly or MJ when they did what they did. And R Kelly was on video. But yet everyone is thinking Edgar, who took responsibility for what he did and admitted he screwed up in the worst possible way. I hope they let him back and that we can get back to watching him support his family and do his job. I do however hope he doesn’t ever do it again because that would be unforgivable. We don’t know what all happened in this situation (if it was a mutual attraction & her parents got mad or she got mad and said something, or if it truly was him being a sexual predator.) He was in her house apparently with her invitation but like I said we don’t know. He may have taken the plea to save his family and the girl from the embarrassment of a trial.

        1. I totally disagree. I have always been a fan of the show and of the Northwestern. Today in 2019 is the first that I heard about Edgar’s awful act. I do not believe this man has learned his lesson. Inthe summer of 2018 a friend of mine contacted him to help with an issue that was happening in an area where he had property. Edgar didn”t care about the enviromental issue effecting the area. He was insistent on receiving a picture of my friend. Ince he found out that my friend was older he ended conversation. She just wanted help with the issue. He seemed to have other things in mind. This doesn’t sound like a man that learned his lesson and isn’t he married? I am a no for this ego maniac as captain!

          1. He KISSED a 16 year old girl, B F D. If you are a woman & never been kissed by someone you were not interested in then you are pretty lucky. Kissing someone is NOT “sexual assault”. My 58 year old mother was RAPED in broad daylight in a field while walking to the grocery store, THAT is sexual assault.

  4. took responsibility?. I don’t know if you heard or not. but when the cops first questioned Edgar he lied to the cops tell the Cops nailed him. I’ve seen this too many times when this happens, it’s like a script. they say there sorry and they’ll seek help. the attorney he had was the best defense attorney in Seattle thats what got him a sweet deal and a small fine. if that was you or me in that position we’d have a court order attorney and the outcome would of been different. you or me would of been put in prison for probably 10 years. he took the deal because of the sweet deal and he could walk away. this guy shouldn’t be rewarded for going back on that show. it sickens me that a pedifile like Edgar molesses a minor and everyone just turns their heads and makes excuses for him to come back. if discovery brings him back which I think they are stupid enough to do since after last weeks new episode the next episode was a rerun of him which I changed the channel, sponsors will bail and viewership will drop. I defenatly would not watch it again.

    1. Since when is a KISS sexual assault? He did NOT rape this girl, he KISSED her. As for being a pedophile the psychiatric diagnosis is being attracted to per-pubescent children, not fully developed 16 year old girls. Hate to break it to you but most men are attracted to good looking 16 year old girls.

      1. He did more than that when Edgar had her grab his penis which Edgar admitted to. Kissing and fondling is totally different than men being attracted to 16 years olds. Most men know not to screw around with jail bait.

  5. Edgar should be captain he knows so much more about everything Sig would have been screwed without Edgar’s knowledge of the boat to engine room electrical the deck Mandy would not know about a problem on deck if valve on crab pump was stuck she should learn the basics steering a boat more to the job Norman is ok engineer but Edgar’s been the star for 25 years and has out fished Sig when giving chance Mandy needs run cod in summer her husband can’t even operate hydraulics plus Edgar owns third of the boat and the girl said she was 20 years old , nobody tells that part he should be allowed to work not like theirs 16 year old mermaids lying about their age in the Bering sea or at the processing plant

  6. Mandy is doing quite well clearly putting in the work to get educated and licensed. I don’t believe she is ready to take over the NW chair as the full time skipper. Edgar should be in the wheelhouse with Mandy for a couple of years at least unless Sig will be sticking around for a bit longer. Simply, Edgar should have the seat and Mandy needs more crabbing wheelhouse time.

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