‘Deadliest Catch’: Will Edgar Hansen Be Back For Season 15, After Legal Woes?

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Deadliest Catch star Edgar Hansen had some legal troubles during the offseason. The Northwestern’s deck boss plead guilty to sexually assaulting a minor. Fans want to know, will he be returning to the Discovery show for Season 15?

Edgar Hansen Arrested For Sexually Assaulting A Minor

Last summer, Deadliest Catch fans were pretty shocked to read news about the deck boss of the Northwestern. Edgar Hansen was arrested in July 2018 for assaulting a minor girl back in September 2017. According to USA Today, he had reached a plea deal and the 48-year-old received a suspended jail sentence. Edgar needed to pay court fees and attend sexual deviancy treatment and evaluation.

This incident occurred before the Deadliest Catch Season 14 fishing season. A month after the incident, the teenage girl had told a counselor of what transpired. Above all this incident occurred at a private residence, in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. Edgar immediately admitted that he had touched her in her inappropriately and kissed her, a fourth-degree assault, with sexual motivation charge. He has not made any public statement regarding this incident.


Will Edgar Hansen Be On The Deadliest Catch Season 15?

Discovery has never commented on Edgar’s incident, nor have they made any sort of statement on whether he was still going to appear on the Deadliest Catch Season 15. Edgar does not appear in any new commercials. Thanks to social media, Mandy Hansen-Pederson posted a video of the famous Norwegian crab fishing custom of biting the head off of a herring in a video. This was at the start of the most recent season. Edgar is the one to hand the unlucky crewman that whole fish. It looks like Edgar will be on the Season 15.

Over the years, Edgar has been a regular on the show. He and Sig have fought over Edgar’s irresponsible youth. Edgar has wanted to be the replacement captain. Captain Sig had other ideas. The middle Hansen brother has also been quite a prankster and well-liked on the crab fishing reality show.

What we do know about the Hansens, in the upcoming season, is that Mandy, Sig Hansen’s youngest daughter does take the helm of the Northwestern. She has shared on Instagram that she lost her unborn baby while on the family’s crab fishing boat. The new season of the Deadliest Catch may include some of this storyline.

What are your thoughts about Edgar Hansen returning to the Deadliest Catch? Should Discovery allow him on the show? Please share your comments and opinions in the field below. Deadliest Catch Season 15 begins Tuesday, April 9 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on Discovery.

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  1. He should return. Hes always been my favorite since the beginning, however I was very disappointed that he assaulted a young girl. He no longer is my favorite and I will continue to watch the show.

      1. child molesters make mistakes?. your a idiot. child molesters keep going after young girls it’s in their blood.

        1. Nobody’s perfect! Thank God it was 4th. degree and nothing more.
          16 could damn sure get you 20!

      2. I had a girlfriend when I was 25 she looked to be in her 20s she worked in a hospital. Turns out she had just turned 18. She was very poised and dressed like a lady not a teeny bopper. If I had met her a year earlier I would have been a devient.

    1. Yes he is so fun and I cannot believe he would be overstepped for Sigs daughter as captain of the boat. He’s been there for YEARS.

      1. Just as a clarification from previous post……
        Yes bring EDGAR back! He and Josh on Cornelia are my favorites on the show,
        He also should be backup captain behind Sig he has worked long and hard for it.

    1. I have no issues with Edgar coming back.
      I think he has faced the music with the court and his wife so.. move on!
      I like Edgar

  2. How about its none of anyone business what edgar does in his private life. If he is guilty yes he should take care of it. But i enjoy him on the show as a craber/ crewman.

  3. I strongly hope he does. I always have thought that Sid needs to let his brother’s in on the boat. Every fishing trip went good when Edgar was there. Besides Sid’s ticket is not good.

  4. Yes Edgar should be on the show everyone makes mistakes and he faced his. Fans is disappointed but still love watching him on the show

  5. Edgar should return for season 15. He should also be the captain of the Northwestern when Sig retires. Mandy should not be the captain. It might be good for ratings to have her as captain. But she is not tough enough for the position.

  6. Mandy does not deserve to be captain she does not know the basics on deck he’ll Sig would be screwed if not for Edgar repairing electrical mechanical problems over the years and Edgar has out fished Sig when givin the chance Biardi crab season Mandy should sort some crab repair electric panel after a fire stay up for 20 hours dad babies her piss off people on board and me

  7. Yes Edgar should return. He is a valuable part of the crew whether he’s acting as caption or serving as the ship’s engineer. I don’t think it’s right that Sig is bypassing Edgar for Mandy. He has paid many Jews over the years and performed well. Mandy is Young and has plenty of time. Edgar has earned his slot in my opinion.

  8. Edgar should come back. He’s the heart of the ship. He keeps it running. He’s brought life and laughter to that boat!!

  9. Wow you think with his good looks he could get any woman he wants. But to go after a 16 year old. SMFH must be afraid of a real woman

    1. You must lack in the brain department as well, besides any women who wants a dirty ratfaced smelly pedophile must be the lowest of the low.

  10. I cannot believe what I am reading. A grown man assaulted a child, and people want him back? Everyone makes a mistake…move on? These are some very disturbing comments to me. This 16 year old person will be carrying the burden of this for the rest of her life, and people think this is just a mistake. It is not, this was a choice by Edgar to meet a 16 year old in a private residence, and assault her. Shame on him. And same on the Northwestern for bringing him back. What you are saying Sig Hansen is that you stand behind a child molester. Shame on you. I don’t care that she was 16, she is still a child in the eyes of the law. Edgar is married. If you don’t want to be married, leave your wife, and date whoever you want, but leave the children alone.

    1. I’m not sure what exactly the circumstances were but some 16 year old girls look like 26 year old women and she may have came on to him he may have been drunk we don’t know the details. I liked him on the show but if he did this without any kind of trickery on her part then he should not be back. I have 2 daughters and if a 48 year old man did that to them I would not be happy. The point to me is what actually happened and we will probably never know.

      1. the facts are already out there. you can reserch everything on the internet. Edgar new what he was doing and he knew she was under age.

    1. he paid his due?. no he paid his small fine plus some court cost than walked away scott free. if you did that the results would of been a lot different. you would of been locked up for along time.

  11. No, Edgar should NOT be allowed to return to the show! Discovery Channel should show that they support the law and positive morals to their viewers! Edgar should be in prison, not getting a slap on the hand by only having to pay fines and court costs, and attending classes! I am disgusted by anyone who would do anything inappropriate to a minor, let alone a girl young enough to possibly be younger than his own youngest child. If he returns to the show I will, unfortunately, no longer watch it!!!

  12. Edgar admitted what he did. He took responsibility . For that, he has my vote to come back on the show. My heart goes out to the teen he defiled. It will change the rest of her life. If he does again, I hope he gets locked up for a pong time.

      So you give a free pass to the sexual assault of a child??
      Does that second chance also apply to a first murder in your mind, Colleen?

      1. This show started because the job is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. He was working on the boat before the show. It is his job. Now that it is a tv show shouldn’t matter. He is still doing the same job, they are just filming it and making a lot of money off of it. There are other deck hands on the show that have done illegal things and some we probably don’t know about.
        If someone not on tv did the same crime as Edgar we wouldn’t know about it. But everybody knows about his situation and he can’t go anywhere to get a job. I’m not saying he didn’t do anything wrong but some of you are not taking all things in consideration. If he was working on another crab boat that is not on the show we would have never heard about it and he could have gone back to work.

  13. Some wanna hang him for a kiss , he did not touch a young girl thats 12 years old but a 16 year old could look like a 20 year old (ever watched spring break) were 16 year olds doing things most 50 year old folks never heard from plus we don’t know what realy happend. A mistake yes , but taking his job and sea life away that is not needed , did you see the eps where Mandy had the incident with the flying hook and the light that turned on , she did not have a clue how much danger was on deck , all she told Sig (I saw a light on the console) she has not the expereance that Edgar has. Give Edgar a chance its not our job of Discovery’s job to punish and Mandy will learn in time… I hope they bring him back on camera soon he is one of the best on the Bering sea and funny and knows more than most captains and what happend has nothing to do with the very good job he does on the boat , he saved a lot of lives in his days on the boat (remember 50 boats racing for crab in the first few seasons and the people dying every season) , but then you don’t hear those people yelling , so do not watch if youre against him but let the guy do his job were he is good in. I enjoy his funny jokes and hard work on the show. Hope to see him soon 🙂

    1. you forgot edgar told her to grab his penis. plus he touched her inapproperatly. he admitted that to the police after he lied first about it. it’s already documented, look it up.

      1. Tought it was only a party , to much alcohol and a kiss. In Belgium there is not much information , still let the guy do his job and don’t parade him on Discovery, best solution …

  14. I agree with the few people who are against him coming back. He meet and touched a young lady (minor) and this is not something that should ever happen. All he got was a slap on the hand and we are not even sure this was the first time. We know about it because she told someone, how many others have there been and was never reported. I also agree that Mandy has no business running the boat just yet. She needs to work on deck doing everything and learn how to do things below deck before taking over. Sig owns the boat so it is his right to decide who takes over for him. As far as Edgar goes, I did enjoy watching him but this is tv and what he did was wrong in every way. Wishing him luck in whatever he does next but do not want him back.

  15. I can’t believe the comments I’m seeing here. saying no big deal and stuff like that. pretty sick.you sound like being a pedifile is ok.

  16. We all make mistakes, some are much bigger than others and all mistakes carry consequences and some are huge! This mistake was a huge one and he should not be rewarded with a spot back on the show. Most men are cheats and always looking to get some whether with affairs or one night stands…if offered we will all take it, if not offered we are thinking and looking for a way to get it, and unfortunately some go much too far with those primal actions. But no way never should it those thoughts or actions involve a minor, as that is unacceptable in our culture, period!

    As mentioned we do not know the details. There maybe more too it, or perhaps much less to it, it is possible he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol greatly increasing the mental stupid factor, she may be more involved then we want to believe, or she may simply be too young and naive and was being taken advantage of…we do not know. Let’s don’t speculate and judge him on what we do not know. We can only hope and trust that the judge that knows laid out the correct justice. However pleading guilty of sexual assault of a minor should not be rewarded with continued tv appearances. And I would think he would be much, much, much too embarrassed to come back to the show and have to face the questions from his fans, and now some not fans!

    He was one of the better characters on the show for sure and we always enjoyed the episodes he was in, but he has done and admitted to a terrible thing. We the fans should not act like it never happened and welcome him back open arms. If Sig (and I personally feel he should) chooses to forgive Edgar and allow him to return to the boat and resume his deck boss position, it should be at the cost of the Northwestern not being on the show any longer.

    Sig has had 2 confirmed heart attacks, he should not even be on the boat! But I do understand wanting to go out doing what you love doing. However when he falls over dead driving the boat he will be placing his crew in peril and causing them an extreme hardship having to deal with that experience.

    Mandy has zero, less than zero right to be in the captains chair! She will never earn the respect of the crew if it is just handed to her while she is being coddled and babied in the wheel house! We have actually lost all interest in the Northwestern because she is being handed the boat. Without question it should become Edgar’s boat and Sig should have handed it over to him after the first heart attack. One positive thing with Mandy being on the boat is that Sig no longer screams and yells and acts like a bafoon at times, which is nice. Same with Wild Bill when his son finally walked away and joined Sean Dwyer’s crew, and thank all that is good that Jake Anderson finally stopped screaming and yelling like a total idiot!

    But let’s be honest Edgar should not be back on the show, since he is now a registered sex offender, but he should be allowed back on the Northwestern. We all deserve forgiveness.

    1. the facts are already out and he admitted to it and is using the celb. way out saying he’ll seek counciling which they all say out. also most men are not adultrers, I don’t know where you got that from. what do you think if for example before this series is over for the year and on a episode something happened to sig and edgar had to take over. the discovery channel would not show the Northwestern again because edgar is captain. their not stupid. but my guess his coming back next season because the discoverys bread and butter and they are thinking people will just forget about what edgar did and act like nothing happened.

  17. Edgar should be in jail. He is a Pedophile an admitted one. I won’t watch a piece of shit like him on any show
    Would u like him to assault your 16 year old daughter

  18. form the comments I have seen on the internet alot of people want the guy back and are making stupid excuses on why he should return. I find it kind of funny but not surprised that last week the discovery channel showed a rerun of Edgar on deadliest catch. they just showed their hand that they are probably going to bring the guy back. I am really surprised the Discovery channel isn’t losing sponsors by doing that. I won’t watch it either if his on it. when they had the rerun last week when I first saw him I changed the channel.

  19. As a show that everyone, including children watch. This show has a responsibility to their fans, young and old. What kind of message are we sending? Because you are a celebrity, you can act irresponsable, and do illegal things, and have NO responsibility for your actions. Great lesson. Edgar, should be back on the boat, if he wants. But The Discovery Channel should stop filming the Northwestern, They stopped filming The Time Bandit. There are other boats that can be filmed. As a society, we should not have two sets of morals, one for celebrities, and one for everyone else. What message are we sending?

  20. No excuses for Edgar, but I hope he was drunk or incapacitated doing something like that. Definitely wrong and bad choice. He deserves a LOT MORE community service time and a LOT of schooling. I used to enjoy watching him on the show, however I don’t care if he comes back to the boat…..I don’t want to see him.

  21. The man admitted to his screw up,he’s doing his time! By the way ,if there was drinking going on where was the parents responsibility? If their kid was a minor then that kid shouldn’t of been where there’s irresponsible drinking or drunk adults! I know dam well my parents Never allowed drunk fools near us when I was way younger! My father was a warden over us girls!!!

      He’s doing NO TIME!
      He paid a fine.
      If he had been found guilty in the Czech Republic, he would have been surgically castrated.
      A search of punishment for the same crime in some Middle and Far Eastern countries shows execution by hanging and/or decapitation.
      I vote for the latter.

  22. child molesters just makes mistakes? thats a real stupid comment. child molesters keep doing it would be more appropriate,

  23. The show is not the same without Edgar. Come on he is not a child molester, the girl was 16 and wanted a kiss from him. He did not rape her or did anything she didnt wanted.

    1. I guess you did’nt hear the part that he wanted her to grab his penis so that he could get off on it. Still want him on the show?

  24. There are two sides to every pancake no matter how flat you make it. Although Edgar made a mistake who is to say the girl did not portray herself to be older than she was. Who is to say that the girl was not enamored with Edgar’s fame. Although he made a mistake, bring Edgar back.

  25. I don’t condone what he done but he has faced the music and doing what the court set for him to do if he gets the help he needs and it helps him then yes by all means bring him back if not then no he needs to go. But one thing is for sure Sig needs to be put in his place in MY OPINION he is to big for his britches.

  26. I wish they would bring Edgar back and he should be the Captain. Sig is not healthy enough to run the boat and Mandy doesn’t know squat about running the boat.

  27. Bring him back. Since when is grabbing a young lady and laying a lip lock on her a fucking crime? It’s not being a molester or a pervert, save that bullshit for the homosexuals.

  28. All these people calling him a pedophile. Most 16 year old girls today are very aware of what is going on. All she had to do was walk away. As stated before, where were her parents ? Why was she in the situation to begin with ? Others have said about blaming it on the girl, well she was 50% of the equation ! More than likely she wanted to have a fling with a tv personality to be popular with her friends. Or, thought it would be a way for a quick buck. Sure Edgar knew better on all levels, but to brand him a pedophile is way past what he did. To feel sorry for the poor little girl is almost a joke. All you have to do is look around to see what the “poor little girls” are doing these days, the way they act, the way they dress, leaving nothing to the imagination and the makeup they use, there is nothing to feel sorry for. The parents are the problem, it all starts at home. At sixteen, the girl was responsible for her actions.

  29. Well said, in my country you can have sex at 15, and no matter how old the guy is. In Italiy you can have sex with 14. I know the Laws of your state but why are there so many children grown up with their grandparents`She should know better to have invovled with an older man. Why were she there at the first place ?

  30. Yes he needs to take over the helm. Don’t want to see Mandy! I’m sure he has suffered enough. Agree with last comment, why was she there in the first place.

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