Howie Mandel

AGT fans were devastated when Jane ‘Nightbirde’ Marczewski quit the show and are looking for a 2022 health update. More specifically, America’s Got Talent fans wonder if the talented Nightbirde is dead or alive. If she’s still alive, is there a 2022 health update on how her battle with cancer is going? Fortunately for viewers who fell in
The news broke Wednesday afternoon that Howie Mandel has fainted and was taken to the hospital. Naturally, the America’s Got Talent judge’s fans are concerned about his health and hope that he’s okay. So, what all do we know about this recent scare, and how is Howie doing now? Howie Mandel taken to hospital after fainting accident
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Another day, another harsh criticism on a performance by America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell. Nick and Lindsay Williams took the stage on Tuesday night during the live quarter finals. They hoped to wow the audience and judges with their opera-violin-knife-throwing act. Unfortunately, their rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” crashed and burned. Both Simon Cowell