‘AGT’ Howie Mandel Shares Wife’s Bloody Fall, Exposed Skull, Is She OK?

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Howie Mandel has revealed more details about his wife’s gruesome accident in Las Vegas. The America’s Got Talent judge opened up to Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos about his wife’s fall that resulted in a broken cheekbone and exposed skull. Is she okay? Keep reading to find out what happened.

Howie Mandel Details His Wife’s Bloody Accident

The AGT star recently appeared on Live With Kelly And Mark to promote the upcoming season of the competition show. During their conversation, Kelly Ripa inquired about Howie Mandel’s wife after he told them about her fall a few months ago.

Howie and his wife Terry were in Las Vegas. The couple went to dinner and walked back to their hotel after a few drinks. What Howie did not realize is that his wife was a bit tipsy, which later played a role in her accident.

In the middle of the night, she got out of bed and took a tumble. Terry wound up hitting the wall and the wainscotting. “As she went down, she hit that, hit her eye, and then fell on the floor and broke her cheek,” the AGT judge revealed.

Howie Mandel - YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live
YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

He woke up after hearing a bang and then his wife’s scream. When he realized that she wasn’t in bed, he asked Terry where she was and she responded that she didn’t know. Eventually, he located her on the floor of the room with blood starting to pool around her.

“I freaked out. I picked her up and put her on the bed. There’s blood everywhere,” he told Kelly and Mark. He quickly started to gather up all the towels he could find in the room and his wife asked for ice. They didn’t have any ice in the room, but Howie brought Terry a cold soda to hold on her head.

She swiftly threw the soda can across the room, stating that it hurt her head more than it helped. After that, he wrapped a couple of soda cans in a towel and she tossed those across the room as well.

Terry Was Intoxicated The Night Of The Incident

“When she did that, you could actually see her skull. It opened up,” he said, recalling the events of the night. “So, I freaked.” That’s when Howie Mandel called the front desk and asked them to call 911. Rather than doing that, they sent up hotel security to take photos of the room and her injuries.

So, Howie wound up driving Terry to the hospital on his own. During their visit to the area hospital, Terry was holding a towel over her eye when she asked Howie to find the doctor. When the doctor came into the room, she told him she could no longer see out of her left eye.

“The doctor said, ‘Just take the sheet off your face.’ That’s how drunk she was,” Howie said.

Howie Mandel's Wife Gruesome Accident Photo - YouTube/LiveKellyandMark

On Live, he shared a photo of her at the time. Her injuries included a badly bruised eye, a huge gash on her forehead, and several other bruises on her face. Howie Mandel said that he couldn’t look at the photo, seeing his wife banged up like that upset him.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to fix her up and Howie shared that there isn’t a mark left on her. Howie Mandel and his wife Terry got hitched in 1980 and share three children together.

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