‘AGT’ Fans Blast Chapel Hart’s Performance But Rave Over Drake

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After America’s Got Talent‘s finale, fans are blasting Chapel Hart over their unoriginal performance. However, stagemate, Drake Milligan is getting rave reviews from AGT Fantasy League fans.

AGT Fantasy League Finale Spotlights Drake Milligan And Chapel Hart

During the AGT Fantasy League finale, fans were treated to plenty of budding talent. Both former competitors, Chapel Hart and Drake Milligan, returned to the NBC show finale stage on Monday, February 19. Undoubtedly, the audience was delighted to be entertained by a huge lineup of returning artists. But after both groups performed, many viewers insisted that Chapel ‘ruined’ Drake’s performance. When Drake was on stage he sang What I Couldn’t Forget leaving fans raving. However, he slid over to welcome Chapel Hart and viewers weren’t impressed. While taking their turn on stage Chapel Hart sang their original audition song, You Can Have Him Jolene.

AGT Fantasy League Judges Give Their Thoughts

After the two artists had their moments on stage, the judges, Simon Cowell, Mel B., Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel complimented the performances. Notably, Simon Cowell even suggests a collab between Chapel Hart and Dolly Parton. Without a doubt, he was referencing Dolly‘s 1970s classic Jolene being a good mash-up with Chapel’s repeat. After they sang, Simon enjoyed Chapel Hart. He says, “That was just brilliant, honestly.” He added, “By the way, that Dolly Parton duet has just GOT to happen.”

Chapel Hart performing on AGT Fantasy League. - NBC
Chapel Hart performing on AGT Fantasy League. – NBC

Undeniably, this would be a dream for Chapel Hart. In AGT Season 17, Danica Hart told viewers, “We’ve always been country music fans, and Dolly is by far our favorite.” Additionally, she gives credit to Dolly. Saying, “We were so inspired by the song ‘Jolene‘ we just love the storyline.” Then Danica adds their point of view. She says, “And we figured, though, from 1973 to 2022, we could not still be fighting over the same man, so we decided to tell her, ‘You can just have him, Jolene.'”

Drake Gets Rave Reviews

When picking his dream team, Howie Mandel grabbed Drake Milligan for his Fantasy League. Howie originally described him as “the new Elvis of country” music during his Season 17 AGT audition. During that audition, he masterfully sang his original song, Sounds Like Something I’d Do. And now, fans are loving Drake and his vocal style. Undoubtedly, he didn’t disappoint during his delivery in the finale.

Drake Milligan gives a great performance. - NBC
Drake Milligan gives a great performance. – NBC

Fans Respond To The Acts

While many AGT Fantasy League fans enjoyed Drake Milligan’s act, Chapel Hart saw criticism for hers. Many of the fans took to the comment section of the performance video to leave harsh messages.

  • “Drake was great! Chapel Hart, bored with you always singing the same song.”
  • “Like him but can’t stand chapel heart they just ruined the whole thing.”
  • “Chapel Heart is my least favorite of all time. NOTHING country about them. Drake on the other hand is FANTASTIC.”
  • “Chapels are worse.”
  • “Chapel’s performances are really boring.”

What do you think about the AGT Fantasy League finale performances? Did you think Chapel Hart’s performance was good? What about Drake Milligan? Were you happy with the winner of the season? Drop your comments below.

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