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‘AGT’ Why Simon Cowell Is Excited About New Show Changes

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America’s Got Talent has some great talents this season, from singers and magicians to dance troupes and extreme artists. However, the live AGT shows are making things a little extreme for the viewers at home and Simon Cowell loves it.

Simon Cowell loves new AGT live shows format

The way that AGT changed things up this season is by sending through more contestants to the live shows and then making each of those shows cutthroat. Last season saw several people move on in each of the first live shows. Yet, this season, only two move on and everyone else in that episode goes home. If there are three amazing talents, one of them loses out on the chance to win. Then, Simon Cowell said that makes the show more exciting.

Simon spoke to PEOPLE about the new AGT format. He said the drop to two survivors a week makes the show more exciting. “We had a ton of great people this year. So trying to get that number down to 36 would’ve been really difficult,” Simon said. “In some ways we’ve made it easier by putting more people through. In other ways, we’ve made it harder because only two people per night are going to go through to the final. But I think that’s more exciting.”

Avery Dixon on AGT

The new format had 55 acts move on in the competition and those 55 ended up in five qualifying rounds. Of those 11-person qualifying rounds, two people move on to the finale, and nine go home. The fans at home get to vote and they send one of the 11 through to the finale. The judges (Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel) choose the second from the contestants who ranked second through fourth in the fan voting.

“Not knowing what’s going to happen until it happens, I think, makes it more exciting,” Simon said. “Compared to where we were a year ago, where seven people went through per night, I didn’t feel there was much at stake, if I’m being honest.”

Who has the best chance to win this year?

The first week was stressful and only two people could move on. The fans at home made their vote for country singer Drake Milligan. The judges then had to choose the second, and they picked saxophonist Avery Dixon (Terry Crews Golden Buzzer pick). The NFL Players Choir, Oleksandr Yenivatov, Stefanny & Yeremy, Ava Swiss, Don McMillan, Ben Lapidus, and Amazing Veronica & Her Incredible Friends all went home.

This is the stress that takes place each week on AGT now. The best bets are still on the Golden Buzzer winners, with Avery moving on and 11-year-old singer Madison Baez, 13-year-old singer Sara James, Lebanese dance troupe Mayyas, singer Lilu Meola, and girl-band Chapel Hart still in the competition.

Who is your pick? Let us know.

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