‘AGT’ Fans Think The Show Is Rigged After Finale Results

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Although America’s Got Talent is full of gifted groups, fans are questioning its authenticity after seeing the winners of the latest season. While the latest finale was for a spinoff of the show, AGT Fantasy League, fans think the results were rigged.

AGT Fantasy League Shakes Up Fans

Within the AGT Fantasy League season, fans got to revisit many of their favorite acts. Each of the judges selected their power teams to compete throughout the spinoff. Notably,  Howie Mandel is the first judge to win the Fantasy League show. Undoubtedly, the contestants were top notch and the judging was even more difficult than usual. But during the performances, fans began to fall in love with one group in particular: V. Unbeatable. And they made their way to the finale on February 19. However, fans weren’t happy with the outcome.

V. Unbeatable Waits For Results - NBC
V. Unbeatable Waits For Results – NBC

AGT Fantasy League Season Finale Upset

During the Monday night AGT Fantasy League season finale, fans’ heads rolled seeing the results. Undeniably, V. Unbeatable was high energy as always. They commanded the attention of everyone watching and their rhythms were powerful.

But when they received third place, fans believed that V. Unbeatable was robbed. As Terry Crews made the announcement, it was visibly devasting to see the disappointment from the group and fans alike.

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AGT Fantasy League Season Finale Winners

Although V. Unbeatable didn’t take the win, they fought hard to give their very best. Unmistakeably, their following knows how great they did throughout the AGT season. However, in the end, The Pack Drumline and The Ramadhani Brothers were the two groups still standing. Then the season winner was unveiled as an acrobatic act, the Ramadhani Brothers. While all three groups were very talented, fans think the results were rigged.

Two Final GroupsL The Pack Drumline and The Ramadhani Brothers
Two Final Groups: The Pack Drumline and The Ramadhani Brothers

Fans Think The Competition Is Rigged

After V. Unbeatable was eliminated, AGT fans took to X to discuss the shocking reveal. Undeniably, fans think the show is rigged after the popular group didn’t get the vote.

  • “V. Unbeatable should have won. This show is so rigged.”
  • “The results are rigged. Very disappointed.”
  • “I’m absolutely shocked they didn’t win. What were people thinking?”
  • “Would have preferred V Unbeatable but Ramadhani Brothers a worthy winner.”
  • “I thought V Unbeatable would be unbeatable and win, but they only finished in third place.”
  • “Third place is still amazing, but I wish they were the winners of AGT Fantasy League.”
  • But judge Heidi Klum was proud of the group and offered her own tweet. She says, “You have been so beyond incredible this entire season. Ee all carry you in our hearts forever.” 

What do you think? Should V. Unbeatable have won this season of AGT Fantasy League? Do you think it was rigged? Drop your comments below.

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