‘AGT’ Howie Mandel Has Fans Concered After Latest Post

AGT Host Howie Mandel Shocks Fans With Disturbing Video [AGT | YouTube]

Since 2010, Howie Mandel lent his vote and advice to thousands of people who walked on the America’s Got Talent stage. With the judge already a seasoned comedian, he seemed a natural fit and made numerous memorable moments over the seasons. With such a long history on the show, the comedian gained a sizable following. While fans supported and encouraged him each season, recently, many grew concerned about the comedian when he appeared confused and disoriented in his latest social media post.

Turning Off Comments

Although Howie Mandel shares updates with his fans, the relationship has become somewhat strained over the last few months. Back in July, Howie threatened to turn off his comments due to some ridiculing him. At the time, Howie posted a video on Instagram, stating, “Listen, as someone who enjoys posting and being part of social media I’m coming to my wit’s end, so I’m considering turning off my comment section as of the 15th of next month.”

While wearing his signature glasses, Howie Mandel decided to sport a baseball cap fashioned with fake bangs hanging over his forehead. He captioned the post, “Decisions”.

Fans reacted to the threat, knowing the toll that social media can have on a person. One fan wrote, “If that’s what you need to do, do it! People can be mean and hide behind the web. Always loved you Howie and always will.” Another person added, “I hope that you don’t but totally understand why.”

Where In The World Is Howie Mandel

Continuing to post, Howie Mandel updated fans on his current comedy tour. The 67-year-old filmed himself as he said, “I am here in Windsor, Ontario.” Although he knows how to speak in front of an audience, the comedian appeared stumped by his next words. He mumbled a few lines before adding, “Ugh come see me.” Yet again, he fumbles his words, almost forgetting his own profession. Luckily, he remembered before ending the video, suggesting he was looking forward to seeing his fans.

Trying his best to salvage his blunder, Howie Mandel finished with, “Shout out to everybody in Windsor.”


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Given Howie Mandel’s profession and the fact he was traveling, it makes sense he could forget what he was talking about, but it wasn’t his stumble that concerned fans more than his geographical location. One person pointed out, “That’s not Windsor.” Another fan wrote, “I don’t know about anyone else, but that looks like Niagara Falls.”

Howie Mandel’s comment section was filled with people pointing out the falls behind him and how much they resembled Niagara Falls. While concerning, other fans insisted that Howie knew exactly where he was and it was all just a bit. It does make sense given his style of comedy, but he never confirmed.

Do you think Howie Mandel knew where he was? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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