Heidi Klum Reacts To ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 18 Results

America's Got Talent

With over 400 episodes of America’s Got Talent, there have been numerous shocking moments, surprised guests, and speechless acts. But none seemed to surprise Heidi Klum more than the audience’s reaction to the winner of Season 18. Standing beside magician Anna DeGuzman, Adrian Stocia and his dog, Hurricane, shocked the judges and the audience when he landed the second act in America’s Got Talent history to win the $1 million prize with a dog.

While thrilled and emotional, Klum recently recalled the audience booing the announcement when she sat down with Us Weekly. She admitted, “I’ve been sitting there for many years and I had not really heard anyone boo that loud before in a finale when someone didn’t make it. But I guess people felt very strong. So that was, like, a first.”

Heidi Klum Not The Only Person Surprised By Outcome

Before Adrian Stocia and Hurricane landed in the final two, he competed against numerous acts that some believed to be better. They included the Ramadhani Brothers, who dazzled the audience with their acrobatics, and the 82nd Airborne Chorus. Not all that surprising, Heidi Klum’s thoughts were shared with host Terry Crews. He told Us Weekly, “I’m reading a card,’ and I’m going, I’m like, ‘Oh, my God, I got to say the name.’” He added, “But this is the thing. I don’t get to call it. This is America’s call and it’s what we live with, what we do, but I think they get it right.”

Showing just how little input Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Howie Mandel have in the outcome of America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell admitted that each judge picked their winner and not a single of them got it right. “It was just like everyone did as good as you could do. And I said to someone earlier about the level of talent we’re seeing over the years, the creativity, it’s brilliant to watch.”

Hurricane Isn’t The First Dog To Win America’s Got Talent

Already champions of America’s Got Talent, Adrian Stocia and Hurricane received a great deal of love and support from not a judge but Cowell’s 9-year-old son, Eric. Cowell said, “I watched him and his friend’s reaction when the name was called out and they jumped out [of] their chairs.”

As mentioned above, Adrian Stocia and Hurricane aren’t the first dog show with America’s Got Talent. Back in 2012, season 7 crowned the Olate Dogs as the winner. The antics of Richard Olate and his dogs captivated the judges and audience with riding scooters, performing a conga line, and even backflips. Their owner, Richard Olate, caught the heart of America when he explained how most of his companions are strays. Their lives have since turned around as they performed with Big Apple Circus and the famed Ringling Bros.

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