‘The Traitors’ Season 3 Cast Has Been Revealed

The Traitors

The cast for Season 3 of The Traitors has been revealed and there are going to be a lot of familiar faces. Fans cannot wait for the next season as the show has become a lot more popular over the last couple of years. The show brings famous reality TV stars to compete in the competition show. People are chosen to be traitors or faithfuls. They then have to figure out who the traitors are to win the grand prize.

The Traitors Rundown

The Traitors is a competition show that gets heated often. The host, Alan Cummings, will gather the group at the famous round table. He will then choose some of the stars to be traitors. However, these are the people who get to murder faithfuls and lie their way through the show. While the faithfuls are trying to figure out who the traitors are and banish them. At the end, if there is one traitor left, they get to take home all of the money for themselves. However, if there is no traitor, the remaining faithfuls get to split the pot. This calls for a lot of drama as you never know who to believe.

the traitors season 1 peacock cast
The entire cast and host of ‘The Traitors’ Season 1 on Peacock

Who Is Going To Be On Season 3?

There is a big cast in the third season of the show. A lot of familiar faces will come to battle for the money. Some of the most well-known who have been announced are Jax Taylor, Paris Hilton, Joe Manganiello, and Howie Mandel. However, there are more including Teresa Giudice, Kenya Moore, Javier Poza, Matt Iseman, Kristen Kish, Holly Robinson Peete, and her husband Rodney. This is not the first time a couple has been on the show. Last season Larsa and her boyfriend Marcus. However, it can even cause drama between the two. This is going to be exciting and full of entertainment. Who do you think is going to be chosen as the traitors for the season?

The Traitors / YouTube
Alan Cumming-YouTube

It seems there are going to be a lot of familiar faces on the show this next season. Fans are most excited for Jax, Joe, Paris, and Howie. There is a good mix of people in the third season, and it is going to be good. Jax is known for being a reality TV villain. So, fans can only assume he will be a traitor. Are you going to be watching the show? Who are you excited to see? Sound off in the comments below.

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