Andy Cohen Reveals How Dramatic ‘The Traitors’ Reunion Will Be

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Andy Cohen recently revealed how emotional and dramatic the reunion of The Traitors is going to be. This was a dramatic season, and fans cannot wait for Thursday night. It has been intense, there have been lies, and Andy says there will be tears. The cast did not get to see the last 20 minutes of the finale before the reunion. So, all of the emotions that are involved in the reunion are true and how they felt at that exact moment.

The Traitors Intense Season

This season of The Traitors has been intense, to say the least. There have been alliances formed, lies told, and drama started. It seems as though there was an alliance that had Peter Weber as the leader. This unfortunately did not work out in his favor, even though they caught three of the traitors due to his work. People quickly turned on Peter for his leadership and he ended up getting banished. The players still in the game found out he was a faithful and realized they should have trusted him the whole time. Not only that but there have also been friendships and relationships that have fallen short due to the nature of the game.

Credit: The Traitors YouTube
Credit: The Traitors YouTube

Andy Cohen Reveals The Drama

Andy Cohen is the host of the reunion for the show. He recently revealed that there is going to be a lot of drama in the final episode. He enjoyed getting to host the reunion as he usually does not do reunions for game shows. This was an exciting chapter for him, and he was happy he was the one to get to do it.

“It was so fun being at the reunion because first of all, I had just come off the Potomac reunion, which was incredibly dramatic and very tense, so this was dramatic, but you’re talking about a game, you know, so it wasn’t … no blood was drawn, but it was really fun.”

Andy also revealed that there will be “tears” and “screaming”.

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It seems as though Thursday night is going to be intense. Viewers get to see the finale and immediately after getting to watch the reunion. With Phaedra just being banished, will they catch on about Kate? It seems as though there could be a lot of “I told you so”. Especially with a lot of the faithfuls being banished in the beginning. Peter was also the most faithful of the faithfuls and people did not want to believe him. Are you excited for Thursday? Sound off in the comments below.

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