‘Traitors’ Peter Weber Channels ‘Big Brother’

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Peter Weber, who started reality TV on Hannah Brown’s Bachelorette. later starred as The Bachelor on ABC and ended up on The Traitors. There, he rubbed shoulders with the likes of Big Brother stars Dan Gheesling and Janelle Pierzina. Might the man who’s good at gameplay, if not at romance appear on the show? 

Peter Weber Sticks With Reality TV

Peter, AKA Pilot Pete likes making out in windmills, has an interest in the paranormal, and flies airplanes. In 2021, he and a roommate went on a ghost hunt, and at the time, medium Jonathan Mark spoke about the possibility of making a TV project. However, Weber moved on and became a contestant on Peacock’s Season 2 of The Traitors. 

Peter Weber - The Traitors - Peacock YouTube
Peter Weber – The Traitors – Peacock YouTube

When Peter Weber first appeared on The Traitors, Bachelor fans were unimpressed. After all, he seemed to be very soft when it came to doing his mom’s bidding. Plus, he always seemed confused about who he loved. So, they felt surprised when his gameplay on the Peacock show turned out well. He placed a feather in his cap when he identified two traitors, Dan Gheesling and Parvati Shallow

Channeling Big Brother

On February 26, the former Bachelor lead appeared with Morgan Willett on the Your Internet Best Friend podcast. Most people know that Morgan was brilliant at gameplay in Big Brother.  Notably, she won Big Brother: Over The Top. Interestingly, both Morgan and the host of Traitors, Alan Cumming predicted Pilot Pete’s eviction. Keen to talk about more reality TV gigs, the idea of appearing on Big Brother appealed to him a lot.

Peter Weber From Traitors Channels Big Broither - Instagram
Peter Weber From Traitors Channels Big Brother – Instagram

You can watch the full episode of the podcast further open in this article. But, for fans of Big Brother, what he said might be interesting. After all, Peter Weber proved he’s a good player in The Traitors. In the comments of the podcast, fans agreed that the former Bachelor is a good choice for reality TV. One of them said:

Peter was a bachelor super fan as well, he is a reality TV natural. Sure the love side didn’t work out for him, but was great to watch.

Describing the gameplay of Traitors, the pilot used the word, “hooked.” Next, he said, “I had the time of my life.” Well, it was Morgan who channeled him toward Big Brother. She said:

I think you should go on Big Brother. I’d actually love to see you in that type of environment. Everyone’s scheming. Everyone’s gaming so hard.

Possibly because Bachelor fans mocked him as a “yes man,” Peter Weber agreed instantly, saying, “I’m a yes man, let’s do it.”

Failing Big Brother, the reality TV star wouldn’t mind a shot a Dancing With the Stars or Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test. Now that would be interesting to see. Perhaps he would get a chance to ditch the Mommy’s Boy label forever.

What are your thoughts about Peter Weber doing so well on The Traitors? Would you like to see the former Bachelor lead on Big Brother or Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your reality TV news. 

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