Phaedra Parks Opens Up On Romance With ‘The Traitors’ CT

Phaedra Parks-YouTube

Married To Medicine star Phaedra Parks is opening up about a romance with her The Traitors co-star, Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello. Sparks have flown between the two and fans are very curious if they could make this an off-camera situation. Read on for more details.

Phaedra Parks Opens Up On Romance With The Traitors CT

It has been a long ride for the Season 2 cast of The Traitors and they just filmed their reunion. Tamra Judge shared snaps from the big day and everyone was gathered together. There are still two more episodes left in the season, including the reunion, both of which will air on March 7th. Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen came on the show as a couple but fans are wondering about two other cast members. They are questioning what is going on between Phaedra Parks and longtime MTV star, CT. Is there a chance they could have something special?

Chris 'CT' Tamburello-YouTube
Chris ‘CT’ Tamburello-YouTube

A Reddit thread was started to address this and there was a clip from a Vulture article. In it, Phaedra talked about her closeness with CT. They note how everyone wants her and CT to be together. To that, she responded: “Oh, God.” They then asked if both she and CT were single, could it be a possibility?

“CT is a great guy, and we definitely had a wonderful connection. He’s a sweetheart. He’s a really good guy, and he’s attractive and all those good things. He’s a gentleman. There was never anything romantic between us at all. It was just a sweet, pure friendship.”

Phaedra Parks-YouTube
Phaedra Parks-YouTube

So, what did followers have to say about this response and did it suffice? More so, did they believe it or do they still think there’s more going on?

  • Its nice seeing people make friends on a show called traitors. I don’t think I would have guessed it
  • I wish the internet would normalize opposite sex friendships.
  • You could tell there was no relationship vibe between them. It was just a pure love friendship.
  • This is so cute and wholesome! 🥹

Loving This

Many fans of The Traitors felt a close friendship vibe but some wondered if CT was single as they really liked him. Furthermore, they felt he was a true gentleman and would love someone with his manners. Phaedra Parks is seeing someone but CT’s status is unclear. However, he does have many fans who would gladly swoop him up if given the chance. Yet, there was the point that the Internet needs to normalize people of the opposite sex just being friends. Maybe Andy Cohen can get more out of them at the reunion.

What do you think of their friendship and can you see it becoming more? Let us know and finally, don’t miss The Traitors finale March 7th on Peacock.

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