Former ‘Martin’ Star Tisha Campbell Approached To Join ‘RHOBH’

Tisha Campbell-YouTube

Former Martin star, Tisha Campbell was approached to join RHOBH but what happened to the offer? More so, when did this happen, and did she know any of the ladies that she would have been working with? Keep reading for more details.

Former Martin Star Tisha Campbell Approached To Join RHOBH

It seems that more and more celebrities are coming out and sharing that they were asked to be a Real Housewife. Jenny McCarthy dished that she was approached to join RHONY back in the days of Bethenny Frankel. Additionally, Christina Applegate shared she was asked to be on RHOBH but declined. She did not feel that she would be exciting enough for the series and no one would care to watch her. Now, it has come out that Martin alum, Tisha Campbell was also asked to be on the RHOBH. So, when was the fifty-five-year-old asked to do this?

Tisha Campbell-YouTube
Tisha Campbell-YouTube

According to Us Weekly, she shared that she was asked but declined because the timing just is not right. So, presumably, Tisha was asked fairly recently:

“I have been asked. But right now is not the time. I’m not anti, it’s just not the time.”

So, does that mean viewers could see the My Wife and Kids star as a Housewife in the near future? It seems she prefers to be more low-key and private than the show would allow:

“I’m not as bold to share like that. You have to be bold.”

Tisha Campbell then went on to acknowledge other reality stars who were able to pivot their careers and make major moves:

“People like [Basketball Wives star] Tami Roman parlayed it into a different career. [Love & Hip Hop: New York star] Cardi B parlayed it into a different career. I love that. Big ups to anybody who does that. There can be downsides. But there can be upsides too. And those two are perfect examples.”

Additionally, Tisha cited RHOA alum NeNe Leakes who has nabbed acting roles away from reality television which is quite admirable. Despite her hesitation to join the Bravo series, Tisha admits that she does love reality television. However, she does feel it can push the envelope a tad too far:

“Sometimes it can leave you feeling like, ‘I didn’t want to see these people’s business.’ Whereas watching a sitcom, you’re just laughing and it’s a good feeling.”

Could RHOBH Use Her?

Tisha Campbell would definitely be a fun addition to the RHOBH but her trepidation is understandable. Currently, the Season 14 cast appears to be up in the air. Crystal Kung Minkoff and Annemarie Wiley were let go while Dorit Kemsley’s contract has long been in question. Now, she may be demoted to “friend of” unless she gives the producers what they want. Finally, OG Kyle Richards has had two very tough seasons and was unsure if she wanted to be on camera again. Like Dorit, she was allegedly told she had to be fully transparent to sign on again.

Would you have liked to see Tisha Campbell on RHOBH or is she not right for the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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