Larsa Pippen Breaks Down Her ‘Fake’ Split From Marcus

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RHOM star Larsa Pippen is breaking down her “fake” split from Marcus Jordan over a week after it went down. The two seemed happy together, even appearing on Season 2 of The Traitors alongside each other. Yet, on Super Bowl Sunday, it became clear that they were over. Were they really? Read on for more details.

Larsa Pippen Breaks Down Her ‘Fake’ Split From Marcus

For over a year, Larsa Pippen was very happily flaunting her relationship with Marcus Jordan. The 49-year-old had a second wind with her much younger boyfriend but there were some problems. His father is basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, Michael was very verbal about his disdain for the relationship. There were a few reasons, one being the age difference as Marcus is only 33. Michael had also played basketball on the Chicago Bulls with Larsa’s ex-husband, Scottie Pippen back in the day. Still, the couple kept going and went on Season 2 of The Traitors together.

Marcus Jordan & Larsa Pippen [YouTube]
Marcus Jordan & Larsa Pippen-YouTube
Then, on the evening of February 11th, Larsa all but erased Marcus from her life. This also happened to be the night of the Super Bowl so it completely shook the world of Bravo. No one knew if they split or if this was just a moment. It appeared the two were done and her jealousy plus his temper were cited as possible reasons. Then, within days, they were spotted out and it appeared fans had been hoodwinked. Now, Larsa is clearing it up on the Two Ts In A Pod podcast hosted by Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge.


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As it turns out, the couple had been struggling for around a month. Their lives and schedules were on different pages and that caused some fracture in their relationship. For Larsa Pippen, that was a bit of a breaking point. Super Bowl Sunday came around and she had a friend over and a little bit too much wine. It prompted her to delete the photos as well as ask cryptic questions in her stories.

The Bottom Line

Of course, Larsa Pippen seemingly had no idea it would not get lost in the Super Bowl shuffle and immediately get picked up. She and Marcus Jordan opted to discuss everything, hash it out, and they are fine. The couple is back together, as predicted and things are hunky-dory. It has been alleged by Larsa’s RHOM co-stars that a new side of Marcus will be seen that could change public opinion. Until then, this is the narrative being told.

Do you believe this was an impulsive angry girlfriend moment or are Marcus and Larsa hiding something more? Let us know and watch RHOM Wednesdays on Bravo.

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