‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Hints Of Filming, Trucks Rolling In

Curse Of Oak Island Used with History Channel's permission

Curse Of Oak Island Season 12 is going to happen judging by the causeway which was bustling with trucks. Already, big machinery went over there. And, History Channel’s Rick and Marty Lagina’s team seemed too busy to stop for Independence Day.

Curse Of Oak Island Hints Of Filming

People live in the area of Nova Scotia where Rick and Marty Lagina hunt for treasure for The History Channel. Fortunately, they keep an eye on the causeway. Photos arrived on Facebook, where the account of Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway keeps fans updated on what’s happening. However, there were upticks on that in new updates.

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube
Curse of Oak Island Rick and Marty Lagina – YouTube

One picture showed that there’s now a very big pump on the island. At the end of Season 11, it became evident that drillers hit a lot of water. Perhaps Rick and Marty Lagina intend to try drilling the same area again. Other proof of experts on the island arrived via the Curse of Oak Island’s metal detector, Gray Drayton who posted some photos of the sunrise and the wildlife.

Trucks Rolling In Over The Causeway

On July 4, there was noticeable activity notching up across the causeway. It seemed that no Independence Day was celebrated. Not even on July 1 which is when Canada celebrates. The blog’s admin said on Facebook:

Truck load after truck load of stone on a very breezy Thursday!
Lots of traffic including workers, film crew, cast and tourists. No shortage of dust!
Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway - Facebook
Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway – Facebook
Curse of Oak Island fans started discussing the post and some of them sounded excited about watching the next season of the History Channel show. Here are some reactions:
  • I would love to be there and dig for Gary! You should hold a lottery of some sorts and give a fan a day on the island!
  • WOW what a Fourth of July update. Let the speculation begin and be sure to remember this update when we see this part of new season. Thanks Karen.
  • Thanks for sharing!!! Just curious what would they need all that stone for??
  • This is such a tease! Can’t wait!!!!
  • Awesome, that means that they’re getting something done. Great pictures, thanks for the update. Oak Island or bust!
  • Why not freeze the flood tunnels? Drilled holes in a pattern with freezing technology could also support the excavation.
What are your thoughts about all the activities going on in Nova Scotia? Are you excited about watching the next season on the History Channel? What do you think the team is doing with all that rock? Let us know in the comments below and come back here often for all your Curse of Oak Island news.


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