Amazing Finds Of ‘Curse of Oak Island’ Archeologist, Helen Sheldon

Curse of Oak Island - Helen Sheldon- History Channel

Curse of Oak Island has several archeologists, and Helen Sheldon is one of them who made some important finds. However, History Channel fans don’t know much about her. Read on to find out more about the important member of the team in Nova Scotia.

How Long Has Helen Sheldon Been With The Team?

Most History Channel fans know about Miriam Amirault and Emma Culligan. In the last season, they met an archeologist named Jamie Kouba. Along with Fiona Steele, Jamie unearthed some interesting earthenware. But what about Helen? She seldom appears on camera in the show, but she did make some significant finds.

The Curse of Oak Island swamp - YouTube
The Curse of Oak Island swamp excavations – History Channel – YouTube

Helen Sheldon started working on Curse of Oak Island in Season 9 which aired in 2021. That was the season when Nova Scotia’s Provincial Department of Community, Culture, and Heritage made things a bit more difficult for Rick and Marty Lagina‘s explorations. Fans might also remember her from the  Drilling Down spinoff.

Finds & Background Of The Archeologist

Monsters and Critics did some research into the archeologist and discovered that she’d featured in “a whopping 27 episodes.” The expert in excavation and artifact investigations is also a good data analyst. The outlet noted that she’s been working in her career choice for more than “thirty years.”

Helen Sheldon - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
Helen Sheldon – Curse of Oak Island – History Channel

Helen Sheldon spent most of her working life “in Nova Scotia,” and the History Channel expert also worked on other sites like the “Albion Mines foundry.” These days, she’s a valuable member of the team who looks for treasure alongside Marty and Rick Lagina.

Curse of Oak Island Female Archeologists- Credit - Oak Island Tours Facebook
Curse of Oak Island Female Archeologists- Credit – Oak Island Tours Facebook

The outlet also made a note of the finds that the Archeologist made on Curse of Oak Island. They include “lead weights”  from “Lot 5” which she thought might have been used for establishing the size or weight of “gold.” In season 11, she found “a hand-wrought iron spike.”

The Strange Structures

Rick and Marty Lagina are not the only ones puzzling over those strange structures on Lot 5. Helen is also trying to figure out what their significance is. were used for. Perhaps in Season 12, which is currently filming, she will help them come to a conclusive decision on that. 

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube
The Curse of Oak Island – inspecting the drill core – History Channel

Season 11 ended with a lot of disappointment. As winter drew close, Rick and Marty Lagina quickly assembled the drilling team, but to no avail, as they found a lot of water in the Garden Shaft. The borehole at E.5N-14.5 also encountered too many issues.

What are your thoughts about Helen Sheldon doing important work on the History Channel, but she isn’t as well recognized by fans as the other female archeologists? Do you remember her finding artifacts? Shout out in the comment below, and come back here often for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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