Gary Drayton Treats ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Fans To Stunning Photos

Gary Drayton - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel - YouTube

Gary Drayton is very active on social media and the metal-detecting expert from Curse of Oak Island recently shared some stunning photos. At the moment, the crew with Rick and Marty Lagina are thought to be filming for Season 12.

Who Is Gary Drayton?

Gary’s not just a very talented photographer, he’s a well-known face on the History Channel show. Actually, his incredible skill at metal detection earned him the nickname of “Metal Detecting Ninja.” He learned young that the best finds need the best equipment that he could afford. And, he’s been very successful in his life. He even wrote a book about finding treasure.

Gary Drayton at Work - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel - YouTube
Gary Drayton at Work – Curse of Oak Island – History Channel – YouTube

Gray Drayton is one member of the History Channel show who is honest about editing. You might recall that he was detecting with his machine and the show revealed that he found some earthenware. Of course, a metal detector doesn’t find that sort of thing. So, he candidly admitted on social media that sometimes the editing can make Curse of Oak Island confusing. That only increased his popularity.

Curse Of Oak Island  Stunning Location Photos

As more evidence arrives that the team is filming for Season 12, the metal expert who started his career in the UK is sharing some stunning photos. On Instagram,  a whole series of them arrived last week. Certainly, if he changes his mind about treasure hunting, he could exhibit some of them. One of them was very nice and it showed Chester Harbour.

Chester Harbor - Image Credit - Gary Drayton - Instagram
Chester Harbour – Image Credit – Gary Drayton – Instagram

Gray Drayton captioned that post with, “Another picture postcard start to the day in Nova Scotia Canada …#chesterharbour.” In another post, the Curse of Oak Island star shared a stunning sunset.

Stunning sunset - Gary Drayton - Instagram
Stunning Sunset – Gary Drayton – Instagram

Somehow, the History Channel cast member even made his tools look amazing.

Metal Detecting Tools - Gary Drayton - Instagram
Metal Detecting Tools – Gary Drayton – Instagram

Gary also enjoys the wildlife on the island, so he shared a few photos of some frogs.

Frogs on Oak Island - Instagram
Frogs on Oak Island – Instagram

Curse Of Oak Island Fans Appreciate The Pictures

On the picture-perfect postcard post of Chester Harbour, many History Channel fans responded to the photos by Gary Drayton. Here are some of their reactions:

  • I love how the light is different the farther north you go. Beautiful pictures as usual! Enjoy!❣️
  • [These] are really postcards Gary!! Just beautiful and 😁😁😁😆
  • It’s a Celtic dream ❤️ so blessed to be a maritimer ❤️
  • I know it’s beautiful there but you have a way with a camera lens too.

What are your thoughts about the stunning photos that Gary Drayton shared of the island? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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