‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Team Calls On Audience For Help

Rick Lagina - Curse of Oak Island - X

History Channel’s Curse of Oak Island team reached out to the audience to ask for help in identifying an artifact known as the “Copper Alloy Piece.” While the crew is in between seasons, those who love the show can try and establish what it might be. Find out more, and watch the video further down in this article.

Curse Of Oak Island Fans Helped With A Book

During Season 11, the team called the audience to assist with finding a rare book. Although copies of the book are available, the History Channel team needed a specific one with notes and a map. Plenty of people responded, but it’s unknown if it was located. Still, people love being interactive.

The rare book sought by Rick Lagina - Twitter X
The rare book sought by Rick Lagina – Twitter X

The Curse of Oak Island maintains a massive following, and there’s a possibility that someone knows what the copper item might be. Of course, there are all sorts of experts like metallurgists and archeologists. Probably, experts also try and find out what it is. But, many hands make for light work, and you might be the one who can help.

Help Identify The Copper Relic Found On Lot  8

History Channel viewers saw the find by Gary Drayton and Jack Begley play out last year. However, they actually recovered it in 2022. When fans saw it, they heard that it was composed of copper mixed with zinc and it was folded. The intricate design made people speculate it might be of military origin.

History Channel's Copper Alloy Piece - Curse of Oak Island - X
History Channel’s Copper Alloy Piece – Curse of Oak Island – X

In the video where they requested help on social media platform X, Curse of Oak Island leader, Rick Lagina thanked fans for their help in the past. Then, he handed the details over to researcher, Judi Rudebusch. She explained a bit more about it.

Photo of the metal artifact - Twitter X
Photo of the metal artifact – Twitter X

Hoping that it’s more than just some sort of mundane equipment, any information can help. Someone carefully hand-stamped the metal alloy and it seems to be ancient. Speculation is that it might have been made during the Turkish Seljuk Empire that emerged in the 11th century. However, it is not clear if it is of religious or military significance. If you think you know, you can email your information to [email protected].

History Channel Fans Comment

Some people who watched the Curse of Oak Island video thought that there were plenty of experts who could help out. However, a few others expressed their ideas. Here are some of their comments:

  • Looks a lot like Dead Sea scroll copper, although the symbols/writing [are] different.
  • I’ve read that the Minoan culture used to mine their copper in the Lake Superior area of Canada. There might be a connection!
  • A beautiful artifact-I hope you find the answers you are looking for! Best of luck to you 😊🙏❤️
  • Omg, I love it! Such a brilliant idea to seek guidance, sincerely hope it sparks someone’s wisdom. SO excited to hear what it brings, wishing you all the best, always🙏😘

What are your thoughts about the copper alloy artifact? Do you think you know what it might be? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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