‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Emotional Rick Lagina Wraps Up Season 11

Curse of Oak Island star Rick Lagina was emotional and seemed crestfallen at the end of Season 11 on The History Channel. However, Marty Lagina turned his thoughts to new ways to tackle the problems they encountered, paving the way for a probable Season 12 of the show.

Curse of Oak Island Ends With Rick Lagina Being Emotional

Curse of Oak Island fans want treasure. In fact, many of them are growing tired of theories about the sources of the possible jackpot. On social media, plenty of people complain about it. However, for others, it’s a fascinating journey through history. Additionally, if it were easy to find the treasure, it would have happened years ago.

More testing needed - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
More testing needed – Curse of Oak Island – History Channel

History Channel fans who watched the finale saw Rick Lagina and the team go all out drilling a borehole. However, it wasn’t successful. In fact, they found sand, more water, and the probability that many of the underground structures are not accessible. No wonder Rick seemed tearful because they felt sure that they were closing in on the prize. Unfortunately, it seems the crossbow bolt metal was probably English rather than Norse. But, there are other Scandinavian tools in the area.

Marty Lagina Thinks Ahead While Rick Is Tearful

Winter interrupted Curse of Oak Island, but research will continue during the off-season. In the finale of Season 11, Marty mentioned alternative ways to explore the pitfalls they hit. A lot of drilling will be required. The team encountered disappointing results in the Money Pit and the Garden Shaft. These included more seawater flooding in the Garden Shaft and no new progress on the borehole at E.5N-14.5

Drilling The Borehole - Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
Drilling The Borehole – Curse of Oak Island – History Channel

Rick Lagina took it hard and tearfully told his History Channel team:

I thought the other night about, you know when I was a little kid, and, do I still believe? Is the little boy still inside of me? And…I thought long and hard about that, and, what I came to realize is, he’s still, he still is there. But he’s there because of you guys. And you, ladies. And…I still believe in the little boy who’s still cheering us on, and I am extremely grateful for each and every one of you.


Curse of Oak Island Rick Lagina - Twitter
Curse of Oak Island Rick Lagina – Twitter

Notably, a new season of Curse of Oak Island hasn’t been announced. However, it seems that Marty Lagina is prepared for it. According to Forbes, the ratings are still very good, so why cancel a show that works? Possibly, fans can expect a renewal announcement in the fall.

What are your thoughts about Rick Lagina tearing up as he faced the disappointing end of Season 11? Are you glad that Marty Lagina is already thinking about the next plan of exploration in Season 12? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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