Is ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ Crew Filming For Season 12 Already?

Curse of Oak Island - Marty Lagina - Instagram

Curse of Oak Island Season 11 wasn’t as successful as Marty and Rick Lagina had hoped, so it ended on an emotional note, but is the crew already filming for Season 12? History Channel fans seem excited. Read on to find out what the tea dished.

Curse of Oak Island Season 11 Brought More Theories

In the last season, History Channel fans finally thought that something would come to light about the Knights Templars, the Vikings, and the treasure. However, problems came along that meant a rush to try and find something, anything, before winter set in.

The Curse of Oak Island swamp - YouTube
The Curse of Oak Island swamp – YouTube

Curse of Oak Island fans saw the drilling team encounter flooding in the Garden Shaft. So, in the last episode, the team went in hard and fast drilling a new location. Only this time, more water and sand revealed that it was probably flooded as well. History Channel fans wondered if the show would end, but in his last speech in the finale, Rick vowed a return.

Did filming Start For Season 12 On History Channel?

On May 20, the Facebook page, Oak Island From The Other Side of The Causeway, shared the news that things seem to be happening in Nova Scotia. It’s run by a blogger who lives in the area and often updates History Channel fans on what is going on.

Curse of Oak Island | YouTube
Curse of Oak Island – History Channel – YouTube

Two recent photos arrived from the Curse of Oak Island blogger. In the caption, they explained what the pictures suggested, saying:

Guess things are finally ramping up! At least there are vehicles on site today! Foggy and cool, not much of a kayak day. Sunny inland which is the direction I am heading!

Curse of Oak Island Crew Filming Season 12 For The History Channel - Facebook
Curse of Oak Island Crew Filming Season 12 For The History Channel – Facebook

Fans of the History Channel quickly took to the comments, and they seemed thrilled that it looks like the crew is setting up for filming Season 12. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • I am extremely excited for the new season. I appreciate everything they have found historically changing history possibly. Can’t wait to see more finds be it treasure or other historically related items.
  • Looking forward to the new season!
  • Extremely happy to see activity!
  • Thank you! Good to know everyone is gathering this week. we know some have been there for weeks. but it’s time to get the party started.
  • Looks like the new season is starting. Great pictures. Thanks for all the updates. Thanks for keeping us posted.

What are your thoughts about the crew gathering in Nova Scotia? Do you agree that this can only mean that if they haven’t started filming for Season 12, they surely will do so soon? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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