What Exactly Is ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’?

History Channel viewers watch The Curse of Oak Island because of the treasure and the interesting theories about the origins of the artifacts. But how many of them wonder about the curse? Is there a curse? What is it? Does it hold any water? Read on to find out if Rick and Mary Lagina from The History Channel believe in it.

Curse of Oak Island Treasure Hunt Isn’t New

Books were written about the island offshore of Nova Scotia in Canada. Plus there’s been a long history of hunters keen to find treasure. Rick and Marty Lagina are just one duo who put their efforts into unraveling the mysteries. Actually, it all started with a bunch of coconut fibers discovered in the mud. A stone with inscriptions was uncovered. More recently, tunnels and small artifacts came to light.

Rick & Marty on Curse of Oak Island / YouTube
Rick and Marty Lagina – The Curse Of Oak Island – History Channel – YouTube

Season 11 of Curse of Oak Island brought some interesting theories to History Channel viewers. Rick, Marty, and his team of experts hoped to prove that the Vikings worked with the Knights Templar to transport and hide their treasure. However, many skeptics think the show just generates more and more theories. So, some of them doubt the treasure exists. Additionally, fewer of them seem to believe in any curse: unless it’s a curse that brings bad luck to treasure hunters.

Do Rick & Marty Lagina Believe In The Curse?

Collider did some work checking into the origin of the curse and whether Rick and Marty Lagina ever believed in it. According to the outlet, the curse claims that “seven people” must die and “all the oak trees” must disappear before any treasure of note is found.

The Curse of Oak Island / YouTube
The Curse of Oak Island experts weigh in – History Channel – YouTube

It turns out that neither Rick nor Marty take the curse seriously. While Rick wants to believe in it, more people died than seven and the oak trees are still standing. Additionally, he didn’t know where the tale of a curse originated. Meanwhile, Marty seems unconvinced that there’s any curse at all.

The outlet noted his skepticism, writing, “Marty, on the other hand, chalks it up to potential bad luck. No matter what, they will not give up uncovering their treasure.”

Is Season 12 Cursed To Be The Last?

On the bad luck note, there seems to be a lot of it going around. A recent rumor is that as there will only be 10 episodes in Season 12, the show is cursed to end in Season 13. On Reddit, History Channel viewers agree that the underground structures might be natural and not worth investigating further.

What is the Curse of Oak Island - History Channel
What is the Curse of Oak Island? – History Channel

What are your thoughts about the curse that plagues the treasure hunters on Oak Island? Do you think it’s just a way to attract more viewers? Or, will it eventually come to pass? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Curse of Oak Island news.

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