Theresa Nist Enjoys A Day On The Beach In Sleek Swimsuit

Theresa Nist via youtube 5

Theresa Nist isn’t letting life get her down since she and Golden Bachelor star, Gerry Turner divorced. Recently, she’s been getting out and about and she was spotted on a beach wearing a sleek white swimsuit. She’s also been down on the beach on another happy occasion recently. Keep reading to find out more.

Theresa Nist Making New Happy Memories

Recently, Leslie Fhima and her former rival for Gerry Turner’s heart got together for some fun. Theresa left New Jersey for Minneapolis, Minnesota where Leslie lives and they deepened their bond that they first formed on the show. Lots of people love the way the Golden Bachelor cast made friends and they remain friendly despite him only choosing one of them. A good time was had and new memories were made.

Theresa and Leslie via Youtube
Theresa Nist and Leslie Fhima – Golden Bachelor – Youtube

Other new memories involved the joy with which Theresa Nist shared the news she has another grandchild on the way. Recently, the news arrived that she took photos for her daughter’s pregnancy announcement. Woolston made her mom happy and proud as she is expecting a fourth child. You might recall that Gerry Turner was very taken with her kids when he spent time with Theresa in New Jersey.

Golden Bachelor Alum Looks Neat In Sleek Swimsuit

The Daily Mail published some exclusive photos of Gerry Turner’s ex on the beach this week. She wasn’t alone, and she and her friends splashed in the water. She looked good in white, and the low-cut top showed off some cleavage. The outlet noted that there was an elderly man on the beach who she hugged gently. Later, she sat nearby on a towel, chatting with him. However, they didn’t seem to be getting cozy.

Theresa Nist in Sleek White Swimsuit - Page Six - Twitter X
Theresa Nist in Sleek White Swimsuit – Page Six – Twitter X

Overall, the post didn’t seem to generate a lot of excitement. Other big outlets also posted about the ABC star on the beach, but so far not many people seem very interested. On Instagram, the same photos of Theresa Nist that were shared don’t have any comments yet.

The man with Theresa Nist - Daily Mail via linouelatifa Instagram
The Man With Theresa Nist – Daily Mail via @linouelatifa Instagram

Perhaps, in time, the comments and reactions will pick up. But for now, fans turn their thoughts toward The Golden Bachelorette which got a small teaser. Additionally, Jenn Tran’s Bachelorette is less than two weeks away from the premiere.

What are your thoughts on Theresa Nist looking good in her sleek white swimsuit on the beach in New Jersey? Are you happy that she seems to be spending a lot of time with friends and family making new memories? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Golden Bachelor news.

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