‘Golden Bachelor’ Star Faith Martin Goes Off On Online Scammers

Faith Martin/Credit: ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor Faith Martin has a bone to pick with online scammers. She took to her social media to call them out. She shared a relatable experience where she unfortunately fell for a scam. Keep reading for all the details.

No, She’s Not Talking About Gerry Turner

Bachelor Nation fans might immediately conjure up an image of Gerry Turner when reading the word “scammer.” Faith Martin was one of his contestants on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

Faith Martin/Credit: ABC YouTube
Faith Martin/Credit: ABC YouTube

She made it to the final three and was sent home after hometowns, despite Gerry dropping the “l” bomb on her. Theresa Nist went on to get engaged to Gerry Turner. They quickly got married in a televised wedding in January 2024.

But the marriage was over just three months later. Many viewers feel bamboozled by Gerry Turner, and there are rumors that Theresa Nist does, too.

While it’s clear that Faith dodged a huge bullet, she is actually on good terms with her ex nearly a year after filming the ABC show.

So, who scammed her?

Golden Bachelor Star Faith Martin Goes Off On Online Scammers

The Golden Bachelor alum fell for one of the most common scams on social media. She took to her Instagram to share the story with her followers. She purchased a product on Facebook and was later charged $350 more than what the product actually cost. Her credit card information was compromised during the transaction.

Faith Martin via YouTube 2
Faith Martin via YouTube

Luckily her bank refunded the money, but Faith Martin was angry over the situation. She said she was “tired of getting lied to” by online ads that misrepresent the product.

She shared another story of purchasing a shirt that was listed as made in the United States. However, when she tried to return the too-small shirt, she found out that it was actually shipped from overseas and the return process was much more expensive than anticipated.

Her social media followers related to her experience and shared their own:

  • I don’t buy anything from ads off of Facebook because it’s Bull S$&@.
  • Unfortunately they lie to make money. Send it back!!!!!! I always do.
  • Yes yes yes!! Thank you for saving me from this! I have been so tempted and glad I did not cave and buy! I have been sucked in a few times with other products. No more!

Have you ever been the victim of online scams? Tell the story in the comments. Click here to read more about Faith Martin’s latest career move.

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