Theresa Nist Full Of ‘Supreme Joy’ With Baby On The Way

Theresa Nist via YouTube 4

Golden Bachelor alum Theresa Nist is beyond happy that there is a new baby on the way. She went to social media to share her excitement with fans after the news broke Wednesday night. There are photos and videos to commemorate the big announcement as well. Keep reading to find out more and see Theresa’s reaction.

Golden Bachelor star Theresa Nist Excited For New Baby

Golden Bachelor star Theresa Nist is excited about the new baby coming into her life. On Wednesday night, her daughter Jen Woolston announced to the world she was pregnant with baby number four. Luckily, Jen captured a few of the precious moments when she told her family about the pregnancy including Theresa.

Jen asked Theresa to take photos of her on the beach so she could use them to tell the world. Now that Jen has made her announcement, Theresa is sharing her joy as well.

Jen Woolston and Theresa Nist via Instagram
Jen Woolston and Theresa Nist via Instagram

On Facebook, Theresa shared photos of Jen glowing on the beach. She captioned the photos saying, “When my daughter asked me last night to take photos of her on the beach because she was going to let everyone know that she’s pregnant I couldn’t have been more thrilled, not only because she asked me to be her photographer (so honored that she trusts my photography skills with this very important announcement!) but also because I no longer have to contain the supreme joy that I’ve been feeling ever since she told me about it more than a month ago.”

She went on to say that the excitement she feels about this new life growing in her daughter is an understatement. Theresa gushed over her two children and the fact they married two other incredible humans. She also raved about how perfect her six grandsons are. Now, a seventh grandchild is being added into the mix and the family couldn’t be happier.

Theresa Praised Her Daughter

Theresa Nist praised her daughter for being such an amazing mother. She gushed about her treating her sons with respect and kindness. She noted that Jen is a fair mom and really listens to her children.

Theresa can’t wait to be a Nana again.

As for the baby, Jen said in her announcement that on Thursday she is 20 weeks pregnant. They didn’t tell the family until she was 14 weeks along.

She also said they did not know the gender of the baby and decided to let this one be a surprise. Everyone is thrilled for Jen and Matt and their entire family.

Congrats to them all.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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