Shocking Real Reason TLC’s Deon & Karen Derrico Divorced?

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After reeling in shock, fans of Doubling Down With the Derricos started wondering why Karen Derrico and Deon Derrico got a divorce. Despite the yelling about the house and Darian’s studies, it all seemed a bit contrived; almost as if the TLC show was preparing fans for the split. Additionally, lots of people think they still love each other.

Karen Derrico & Deon Still Love Each Other

On Instagram last week, the patriarch of the TLC show told a fan that he still cares for Karen very deeply. The follower from South Africa hoped that they were not divorced because they “really love  [the] family.]” In response, Deon Derrico’s answer seemed surprising. He said:

Awwww thank you I’m still very much in love with her.

Deon Derrico Still Loves Karen - Deon Derrico Instagram
Deon Derrico Still Loves Karen – Deon Derrico Instagram

Karen and Deon Derrico still seem to be good with each other in other ways. For example, on Father’s Day, Karen shouted out her ex-husband and said, “he is the best father any 14 children can ask for!” Certainly, it all seems rather non-toxic for the big move apart. So, on social media, some TLC fans suspect they didn’t divorce because of a lack of love or infidelity.

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Karen and Deon Derrico – Credit: Doubling Down With the Derricos TLC YouTube

Read on to find out what some people believe is the real reason for the divorce.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Divorce – The Real Reason?

On Wednesday last week, Deon Derrico shared a photo of his entire family on Instagram. On that occasion, the TLC star talked about how “health and family” matter more than anything else in life. In the comments, a follower voiced their thoughts on the reason for the divorce.

Doubling Down With The Derricos Cast - TLC
Doubling Down With The Derricos Cast – TLC

Wondering if the divorce was really about a lack of love or if it was financial, the follower wrote:

The accountants in my family always advise to “follow the money”…There have been hints of money issues and there is every possibility this is a financial divorce in order to protect assets…

Instagram Comments on Financial Reasons for Divorce - @deonderrico - Instagram
Instagram Comments on Financial Reasons for Divorce – @deonderrico – Instagram

Another fan replied, saying, “…I know GG would have advised her son not to divorce her…I just said to my granddaughter that he was the most understanding, considerate, passionate man I have ever come across…There is no way he would leave that woman for any reason other than protect her either financially, [or] spiritually…”

More People Thinking About Financial Reasons

On Reddit, TLC fans also talked about Deon Derrico possibly divorcing Karen for financial reasons. Here are some of their thoughts:

  • … I wonder if this more of a financial divorce/publicity stunt to try to boost viewership…
  • My first thought was it was a financial move, maybe a tax thing? Something seems off! They can’t afford 2 houses.
  • I really think that some kind of financial issue is coming up and they needed to divorce for that.
  • I really think it’s because they can’t afford insurance all those kids and groceries so she will get state aid.
  • I think this is just something for their finances. They were just hanging out at their daughters graduation and looked fine. I highly doubt they would mess up their TV money in the middle of the season. Yall gotta think deeper.

What are your thoughts on TLC fans suspecting that Deon and Karen Derrico got divorced for financial reasons? Can you see how that might be possible? While Karen hasn’t said that she still loves ehr ex, he has said it publicly. Shout out in the comments below and come back here often for all your Doubling Down With The Derricos news.

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  1. Deon’s arrogance, obsessive need to control and failure to communicate is more than justification for a divorce.

  2. I think they divorced bc, Karen wants to move back to Carolina w/her family! She’s said numerous times that she wants to start a business there. I also picked up on the fact that she seems to want more out of life for “herself”! She seems to outgrown wanting only be just a mother, wife & homemaker. The argument about the new house as well as Derian’s schooling issues; that was the 1st time I’d noticed there was serious trouble in paradise! It’s really heartbreaking & in the back of my mind I’d thought about them divorcing and how’d that work out financially for them! That’s why sensible ppl don’t have a basketball squad for a family! It’s too expensive, too stressful & too taxing on one’s mind, body & soul. I wish them well & I love the show & hope it continues!🤷🏽‍♀️💔💔💔💔

    1. The choice to have kids rest with the parents involved. But nobody including you can tell or say how many kids that parents can have. You definitely couldn’t handle parenthood. However, I do wish them well and pray for Karen as well.

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