TLC’s Deon Derrico Breaks Silence After Bombshell Divorce News

Deon Derrico and family - Instagram

Deon Derrico and Karen divorced and left Doubling Down with the Derricos fans shattered. TLC viewers demand answers. However, they are not likely to get any details. However, amid the divorce news, Deon is posting on social media and he broke his silence over the last two days.

Deon Derrico & Karen Keep Posting After Divorce

TLC fans saw that Karen Derrico posted about her husband on Father’s Day and she praised him as a wonderful dad. That seemed a bit shocking considering their quickie divorce was still less than two weeks old. As it only took two days to finalize, they clearly had all their ducks in a row when they submitted their papers.

Deon and Karen Derrico, YouTube
Deon and Karen Derrico – Doubling Down With The Derricos – TLC – YouTube

Deon Derrico hadn’t ever stopped posting about his family, and before the divorce news, he shared about his nephew Amani who needed a liver transplant. Of course, he also shared about the TLC show which is currently airing Season 5. But in the last two days, he shared about his family and he replied to a question about the divorce.

Doubling Down  With The Derricos Star Posts Family Photos

Deon took to his Instagram profile page and shared a photo of himself with Karen, his mom, Marian, and himself. In that post, he wrote:

Ma, it’s hard to believe that we moved out here to #LasVegas from #Detroit #MotorCity exactly 18 years ago to date 06/17/2006 Darian, was only 6 months old… wow, It’s a Blessing no matter the Hills and Valley’s that life sends our way we Still have to count our blessings!!!

Deon Derrico with Karen and his mom, Marian - Instagram
Deon Derrico with Karen and his mom, Marian – Instagram

When a fan asked him, “Deon, I really hope you and Karen are still together and not divorced, it will break my heart, coz I really love your family, From South Africa,” Deon Derrico responded.

The TLC star said, “Awwww thank you I’m still very much in love with her.” And that immediately sparked a suggestion that they divorced for financial reasons.

Another Post After Divorce news

The Doubling Down with the Derricos star also shared a photo of his entire family. That came a day after the one of him with Marian and Karen. This time, he said:

When you have nothing else in this world as long as you have your great health, and family nothing else really matters!

Deon Derrico's Family - Instagram
Deon Derrico’s Family – Instagram

Once again, TLC fans wondered if the divorce was really about a lack of love or if it was financial. A follower wrote, “The accountants in my family always advise to “follow the money”…There have been hints of money issues and there is every possibility this is a financial divorce in order to protect assets…”

What are your thoughts about Deon Derrico sharing family photos and breaking his silence on the divorce? Do you think it might be a divorce for financial purposes rather than an irretrievable breakdown? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Doubling Down with the Derricos news.

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