Karen Derrico Shares Shocking Post Amid Divorce From Deon

Karen Derrico and Deon Derrico - TLC

Doubling Down With The Derricos fans are sad to hear the famous couple Deon and Karen Derrico have ended their marriage. However, amid the divorce, Karen has left a shocking message.

Deon And Karen Derrico Have Many Ties To Each Other

Although Deon and Karen Derrico are entering a new stage of their big family’s life, they still share some very valuable ties that will connect them forever. Notably, they were together for nearly 20 years and the couple shares fourteen kids. The oldest kids are Darian, 18, Derrick, 13, and 12-year-old twins Dallas and Denver. Furthermore, they have 10-year-old quintuplets Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko, and Dariz. Additionally, they also share two 6-year-olds, Diez and Dior, and 4-year-old triplets Dawsyn, De’Aren, and Dyver. The Doubling Down With The Derricos series has shown the ups and downs of parenting such a large family together. Sadly, they hit a wall in their marriage that has prompted divorce, but they will continue to parent together. But Karen made a shocking statement amid their journey through divorce.

Karen Derrico - Deon Derrico Youtube
Karen Derrico – Deon Derrico Youtube

Karen Derrico Shares Shocking Post Amid Divorce From Deon

Undeniably, marriage is hard on its own, but adding fourteen kids to the mix makes it even more difficult. On June 4, the Derrico couple filed for divorce and then it was complete within two days. Both parents will split legal and physical custody of their thirteen minor children. Karen says, “Together, we remain unified in the parenting of our 14 beautiful children — their well-being is our priority.” But her sentiment was still shocking when she posted a message about Deon on June 16, just days after the divorce.

Deon and Karen Derrico's Family - Doubling Down With the Derricos - TLC YouTube
Deon and Karen Derrico’s Family – Doubling Down With the Derricos – TLC YouTube

On Instagram, the mom of fourteen, Karen Derrico, shocked fans with a recent post. While the couple has called it quits, Karen is still sharing a surprising message. She added a video with a collection of photos of Deon Derrico and the kids. She captions: “Happy Fathers Day to the best father any 14 children can ask for! @deonderrico.” Karen’s video includes a photo of the couple with one of their daughters, Deon sleeping on a plane, and an additional video clip of him.

Karen Derrico sends message amid divorce. - Instagram
Karen Derrico sends message amid divorce. – Instagram

She adds, “Also, to all the great father’s out there! Happy Father’s Day and may your day be filled with love, joy and rest! 😊” Below the initial post, Deon thanks his ex-wife for the shoutout. He says, “Awwww thank you @karenederrico for this ❤️❤️❤️.” Then, she teases, “Btw: more pics loading later today 😊.”

  • Confused, one fan says, “I thought they were divorced???”
  • Another says, “This is weird since you’re divorced now.”
  • But someone else points out, “She said the best father, not the best husband, she knew what she was posting.”

Deon Derrico Appreciates Being A Dad

Not only was Deon Derrico happy to see his ex-wife, Karen Derrico’s post, but he made a statement as well. On his Instagram page, he posted a photo with all but one of his kids in a selfie. He captions, “Happy Father’s Day to all of the great father’s [sic] Live, Love, and Laugh.”

Deon and most of the kids. - Instagram
Deon Derrico and most of the kids. – Instagram

As the family moves through their new transition of a divided living, Karen says, “We thank everyone for their understanding and support as we move forward for the good of our family.”

  • Another fan says, “I’m still not understanding after 14 kids and many years together why divorce now? One of you build a fort in the other room and leave each other alone for a while. And I’ve never heard of a divorce going through in two days. Something is not adding up. Anyway, Happy Father’s Day!! Sorry, I just found out and although I don’t know yall personally I was disappointed 😮 Prayers to all involved.”
  • “Happy Father’s Day. Praying that you and Karen can find peace and happiness. Praying that the children will be happy regardless of the outcome between the parents. Praying the GG will be healed expeditiously🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾.”


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What do you think about Karen Derrico’s message amid her divorce from Deon Derrico? Do you think Karen and Deon will be able to amicably raise their children together? Are you ready to see new episodes of Doubling Down with the Derricos? Drop your comments below.

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  1. I am saddened, and I pray that this is not true. How can you marry, have fourteen beautiful children that your wife had for you, and walk away? Responsible men do not walk away from their families. I pray that God brought you two together and that He can keep you together if you allow Him. God is a keeper. She can’t just walk away; you, on the other hand, can pack your bags and turn your back on your kids and say, “Bye.” God forbid!!! Mister, you shall reap what you sow…

  2. I think it’s sad they should have try and work things out cause they look so perfect together and that Deon is a good catch he will find someone one day

  3. I’m still going to pray and follow them as I have always because GOD has the final say for us all.GOD I’m asking for your GRACE and MERCY!!!!

  4. Sorry to hear of their divorce. He always looked dapper in his rhinestone jeans or with shirt and tie.
    She looked tired . Is he living in the old house? There is much more to this story that we may never know. He should have the boys her the girls, she needs a break.

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