Wendy Williams Friend Worried She Has Been ‘Forced To Silence’

Wendy Williams | YouTube

Wendy Williams has been struggling lately as she has disappeared from the public eye. While she has been out of sight, many concerning things have come up that have people concerned about her well-being. Regina Schell, one of her best friends, believes she has been “forced into silence.”

Here is what Schell had to say about the Wendy Williams situation.

Wendy Williams Best Friend Voices Concern

Wendy Williams’ best friend, Regina Schell, took part in an interview and spoke about her friend. She seems very concerned that Williams has been “forced into silence” as things worsen in her life. The two women have been friends for 44 years and lived together in 2022.

Wendy Williams GMA YouTube
Wendy Williams on GMA | YouTube

First, Regina defended her best friend. “I want people to know that Wendy is a real person, and this is not some karma is a b***h thing,” she said (via U.S. Sun). However, Regina said that talking was “Wendy’s life,” and she wouldn’t stay quiet unless she was forced to.

Another insider said that she was shocked that Wendy hasn’t said anything about the guardianship that many people have found questionable. “There is no way in hell that she would not have responded to that Lifetime documentary, with all her family members appearing in it,” the insider said.

The documentary aired on Lifetime and delved into Williams’ alcohol addiction and her health and cognitive decline. The guardianship went into effect in 2022, and no one has publicly seen Williams since May 2023.

Regina demanded to know where Wendy was and why no one answered any questions about what had happened to her. Wendy’s close friend for 44 years wants to know where her friend is.

Where Is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams owned her dream apartment in New York City, something she said she always dreamed of and seemed very happy to finally acquire. However, her guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, sold the apartment this year. Morrissey then said that Williams was “”receiving the care she requires.”

Wendy Williams - YouTube/Debmar-Mercury

Wendy Williams’s family appeared in the documentary and talked about Wendy, with most of them saying they do not know where she is. Williams’s ex-husband has blasted the handling of the guardianship and questions where the money for all her sold items has gone. Williams’s sister, Wanda, said, “The people who love her cannot see her.”

Regina weighed in on the guardianship, saying, “It’s got a sinister vibe to it. That’s what gets me. There’s something about it that just doesn’t feel right.” She said Wendy should have her family and friends around her and not have someone hide┬áher from everyone who cares about her.

What are your thoughts on the Wendy Williams situation? Do you agree with her best friend that someone is keeping her from her loved ones and has “silenced” the former TV star? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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