‘Good Morning America’ Ginger Zee Loses Voice, Is She Ok?

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Good Morning America fans are worried about Ginger Zee after a recent appearance on the show where she lost her voice. The meteorologist worked through her segment with her voice almost completely gone, and fans swept onto social media to wish her the best.

Here is a look at what happened in the episode and how Ginger Zee has been doing since that moment.

Ginger Zee Loses Voice On Good Morning America

Good Morning America meteorologist Ginger Zee had a moment on television where she fought to get through a segment on the GMA sister show, ABC World News Tonight, after losing her voice. While it seemed that she was under the weather, she struggled to say anything as the segment wore on but made it to the end anyway.

Ginger Zee on GMA
Ginger Zee on GMA

David Muir mentioned after her segment ended that it was allergy season, and he made sure that fans knew that was what was wrong with Ginger’s voice here. “I know you’re battling through laryngitis. We sure do appreciate it,” he said.

This led many Good Morning America fans and friends to her Instagram account, where they sent her well wishes.

  • “You are a REAL PROFESSIONAL battling thru laryngitis the past couple days. SO PROUD & PRIVILEGED to call you my friend.”
  • “Bless you, I could tell your voice is weak due to allergies. I hope you feel better soon!”
  • “Allergies? Heard your voice this AM. I can definitely relate.”

After that last comment, Ginger actually responded by writing, “Yesssss.” It confirmed that her voice loss was all about her allergies.

Ginger Zee Had Rob Marciano Fired From GMA

This comes just a few weeks after the news that Ginger Zee got a weatherman fired after she reported his attitude when he “screamed” at a producer.


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According to reports, Rob Marciano and Ginger Zee had feuded for a long time. This made it interesting that Zee reportedly had a hand in the weatherman losing his job on Good Morning America. Marciano apparently had a “screaming match” with a colleague. While Zee was not involved, she heard about it and reported it to the show’s bosses.

The New York Post reports that Ginger and Rob had not gotten along for years, possibly dating back to when he first joined Good Morning America in 2014. The source said that their personalities didn’t match up. It was also known that Rob was quick to get angry and had clashed with staff members before, explaining his termination.

What are your thoughts on Ginger Zee working through her laryngitis on ABC World News Tonight? Are you a fan of the Good Morning America meteorologist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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