‘GMA’ The ‘Nasty’ Truth About Ginger Zee?

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Ginger Zee is known for her bubbly on-air personality. An insider at Good Morning America revealed that there is more to Ginger than viewers get to see. In fact, she may be difficult to work with. Keep reading to see the shocking truth about the beloved meteorologist.

Media Exec Exposes Ginger Zee’s Real Personality

GMA fans love to see Ginger Zee on the morning program. She’s often upbeat and excited to talk during the weather segment. Apparently, that is only one side of the Good Morning America meteorologist that viewers get to see. There is a much less friendly version of Ginger that her coworkers see.

An insider, who is a media exec at ABC, opened up about the firing of Rob Marciano. Several people have confirmed that there was a lot of tension between Rob and Ginger Zee during their time working together. However, Rob’s temper allegedly played a role in him losing his job with ABC.

That being said, the insider told The New York Post that Ginger Zee can be equally as hot-headed and “nasty.”

Ginger Zee - Instagram
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“I think she brought out the worst in him. I’m not giving him a pass,” the source said, referring to Ginger and Rob’s working relationship. “It’s sad because they are two people who are really into the science of the weather, unfortunately their personalities didn’t work.”

The source continued, “She treated him as a beta and she was the alpha. But they were much more peers in terms of experience, more than Ginger was with Sam [Champion].”

“Ginger is a know-it-all. If you say something she disagrees with, she references her Twitter followers, saying, ‘You are wrong, my followers on Twitter loved it,’” the media executive shared.

Rob Marciano Was Fired Due To ‘Anger Management Issues’

Another source who is close to Ginger Zee pushed back on her being a problem at work. “Ginger is a collaborative, inclusive and hard-working leader who is well respected by her colleagues and has never had a complaint about her working style,” the insider said. They also suggested that anyone saying anything to the contrary was “sexist.”

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While it still isn’t clear exactly why Rob Marciano lost his job, it was not because of Ginger Zee. Multiple sources have opened up about how he’d “lose his cool” during meetings if he didn’t get his way. At the end of the day, his issues with anger management are what ultimately led to him getting canned.

The 55-year-old meteorologist initially joined ABC News after leaving Entertainment Tonight. He served as the meteorologist for CNN for more than 10 years before coming to ABC, then he went on to spend 10 more years at ABC before being fired.

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