‘GMA’ Ginger Zee Ransacked And Robbed

Ginger Zee on GMA sometimes gets out in the field and films for dangerous things like hurricanes or tornados but sometimes, danger comes from people and she cautioned fans after she was robbed.

Ginger Zee Travels And Shoots Outdoors

One thing that Good Morning America viewers learned about being a meteorologist, is that it’s not for people who fear storms. In the past, she’s been to plenty of places threatened by terrifying weather. The mom of two from New York doesn’t go out there all alone, but recently, while they were filming, she experienced a scary robbery.

Ginger Zee [Source: YouTube]
Ginger Zee on Good Morning America – YouTube
Weather news on GMA this week reveals tornados and spring storms across much of the Midwest. Meanwhile, Ginger Zee has been talking about the upcoming solar eclipse. But this week, she shared that she was in Oakland, California when she encountered nasty humans rather than nasty weather.

Good Morning America Weather Star Gets Robbed

On Wednesday, the GMA weather reporter wasn’t thrilled with life. On her Instagram, she shared a photo of a car that had been ransacked, and glass lay everywhere. Notably, it wasn’t hers but they’d been using the rental. So, she cautioned her followers about rentals being targeted.

Smash and grab car robbery - Ginger Zee - Instagram
Smash and grab car robbery – Ginger Zee – Instagram

Ginger Zee explained what happened:

Smash & grab was NOT what we had on our bingo card … that’s for sure. Grateful to be safe, the stuff they stole will be replaced… but it makes me sad for the folks that do this. Whatever circumstance gets someone to that choice of crime, I hope you know you stole things that are very meaningful to me too— items my kids made me I travel with etc, passport, my glasses – all of which I’m sure is trashed and the tech is being sold.

Not only were they robbed, but it happened during a 20-minute break from shooting to get something to eat. And, the car wasn’t parked far away. In fact, it was “across the street.” Actually, the astonishing thing about the experience was that it happened on “a beautiful sunny day.” Certainly, it seems that California robbers are very bold.

In her cautionary note, the GMA star mentioned that they made sure to cover things up so casual glances wouldn’t reveal everything. Still, it wasn’t enough to deter the robbers. She added, “Bring everything inside with you at all times no matter where you are.”

What are your thoughts about Ginger Zee and her robbery? Are you grateful that nothing happened to her other the the loss of some possessions? Did you know that thieves were targeting rental vehicles? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Good Morning America news.

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