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‘GMA’s Ginger Zee Gets Hit Hard With Illness, Reaching Her Limit

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Ginger Zee was hit hard with another illness. This comes just weeks after she had influenza. She admitted that she has hit her limit. Find out what happened to her.

GMA meteorologist hit with more health issues

Ginger Zee loves to interact with her fans on social media. She shared a health update. Ginger concerned fans when she asked how many lozenges she can take. She said that she reached her limit when it came to her health.

The Dancing with the Stars alum has taken to Instagram and Twitter to share an update. She just came down with the flu just a few weeks ago. Yet, her immunity is shot once again. She appeared on Good Morning America on Tuesday and then reported from Pennsylvania on Wednesday, February 15. However, Ginger is under the weather yet again.

Ginger Zee Comes Down With COVID [Source: Ginger Zee | Instagram]
[Source: Ginger Zee | Instagram]
She “felt so happy to be alive.” However, she’s dealing with another illness. Ginger asked her followers how many cough drops she could safely consume. She feels that she’s taken too many already. The television personality didn’t reveal what was wrong, only that she had a sore throat.

“How many throat lozenges are too many?” Ginger Zee tweeted on Wednesday. “I’m getting to my limit… it feels.”

Ginger took to Instagram to share a clip of herself in bed. She wore a navy blue T-shirt and rocked a makeup-free look. Ginger confirmed that she has tested positive for COVID. She felt dejected by this latest news.

“Verified flu & COVID within a month,” Ginger Zee said. “Special. Hope you all are healthy. I’ll be back as soon as I am able.”

ABC News 7 meteorologist Brittany Bell replaced Ginger on Monday. She made a brief return and shocked her fans with her latest look. Fans have been outspoken about her hair and clothes lately. Some are still mixed about Ginger’s new bangs, which are inspired by her flu diagnosis.

Ginger Zee wears a bright new look

During a recent broadcast, Ginger Zee wore a yellow turtleneck with a navy blue and yellow checkered miniskirt. She finished off her bright look with navy blue tights. However, some fans weren’t on board with the new look. Ginger loves to experiment with her style, which has been under intense scrutiny.

“What are you wearing? I used to love your style. What happened?” one fan wrote.

Ginger Zee Wears Bright Yellow Outfit [Source: Ginger Zee | Instagram]
[Source: Ginger Zee | Instagram]
“I am wearing a rented skirt and top I’ve had for a while/- I love this outfit. Thanks for your opinion,” Ginger Zee clapped back at the user.

She previously shocked fans with her sexy attire on air. There was a time when Ginger wore tattered pants and a sexy leather skirt. What do you think of Ginger Zee coming down with another illness? Share your reaction below in the comment section.

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  1. Our household thinks Ginger Zee is Ginger Zee and we love all her different styles..she is a pretty girl and can wear just about anything and look great. You go Ginger!!

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