Fans Demand ‘Bachelor’ Matt James Proposes To Rachael

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Bachelor fans think it’s time for Matt James to get serious about tying the knot with Rachael Kirkconnell. After all, they have dated since 2021. He didn’t give her a ring, but he gave her his final rose. Things didn’t work out immediately because of the scandal about her antebellum-themed college party. However, the ABC couple seems happy together now, but no proposal has happened yet.

Matt James Works On A Timeline To Proposing?

Rachael Kirkconnell and her man were discussed early this year after he teased an engagement. On social media, plenty of people started whispering about a possible future marriage. In early May, he talked about planning for it when a  Bachelor fan told him it was time to make things formal.

Rachael Kirkconnell, Matt James/YouTube
Rachael Kirkconnell, Matt James Bachelor – ABC YouTube

Matt James took his lady to Japan at Christmas, and fans thought he might propose there. However, he didn’t. He doesn’t rule out marriage, but he feels that just following the usual route to the altar won’t work for them. Last week, ABC fans again nagged the former Bachelor star about an engagement.

Put A Ring On Rachael Kirkconnell, Fans Demand

On Instagram, the Bachelor alum shared a post of himself in bed. Racheal was with him, although some fans suspect they don’t live together all the time. She was asking about moving to Germany after watching Sex and the City. In his caption, he said:

hey ladies.. serious question, what do yall think about before you go to sleep!? 💀 like why interrogation at 11 pm!? let’s talk about this in the morning 😂🙏🏾

Fans Want Bachelor Matt James To Tie The Knot With Rachael - Instagram
Fans Want Bachelor Matt James To Tie The Knot With Rachael – Instagram

In the comments section, ABC fans discussed the conversation, and then one of them chimed in by saying to Matt James:

Put a ring on it already that’s why 💍😂

Others agreed with the demand. Here are some of their opinions:

  • my thoughts exactly.
  • Exactly! Period!
  • if you truly loved her you wouldn’t do this to her.
  • What are your plans for the future? Hmmm?
  • I’m sure he will put a ring on it when the time is right. Maybe he’s saving up for the biggest diamond💎 in Bachelor history. 🤷🏻‍♀️😅 She’s definitely deserving @mattjames919🥰
  • Men, really are oblivious of our feelings 😩😩. I’m learning to accept that more and more. It’s for my own sanity.

Amongst the comments demanding a proposal, the Bachelor alum also commented. Referring to the questions asked in the middle of the night, he said, “No this never stops, only gets worse 😂😂”

What are your thoughts about Matt James seeming so reluctant to tie the knot with Rachael Kirkconnell? Do you agree that it’s time they committed to each other permanently? Sound off in the comment section, and come back here often for all your Bachelor news.

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