Bachelor Nation Fans Mock Joey Graziadei’s Bucket List

Bachelor Nation star Joey Graziadei/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joey Graziadei is one of the most popular Bachelor Nation stars, but fans couldn’t help but mock his bucket list. Keep reading to find out why the reality star was relentlessly trolled over his future goals.

Bachelor Star Fulfills One Travel Goal

Joey Graziadei completed his goal of meeting his future wife on The Bachelor. During the March season finale, he proposed to New Orleans native Kelsey Anderson. They plan to move to NYC this summer but checked a few items off Joey Graziadei’s bucket list first.

They spent his 29th birthday sightseeing in Portugal and attending a friend’s wedding. Ahead of his milestone 30 years on Earth, the Bachelor star wrote a bucket list of 30 things he hopes to accomplish before his next birthday.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Instagram
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei/Credit: Instagram

He checked another item off the list with his new tattoo.

Bachelor Nation Fans Mock Joey Graziadei’s Bucket List

Joey Graziadei was highly praised during his season as one of the best Bachelors in the franchise. But the tide is slowly starting to turn and some fans took aim at his bucket list. His list of things to do in the next year was posted on a Reddit thread and widely trolled.

Check out some of the comments about it:

  • Sorry, but the vibe is off. He doesn’t need to put on this hammy self conscious soft guy performance for everyone. He was already believable as a decent person.
  • He’s starting to give me the ick.
  • This is giving 14 year old girl
  • Some of these things are so basic … road trip and camping!? I do these things because I’m not rich.
  • some of it feels a little entitled to me …
  • This is the definition of cringe
Joey Graziadei's bucket list/Credit: Instagram
Joey Graziadei’s bucket list/Credit: Instagram

#9 On List Really Set People Off

Joey Graziadei’s bucket list includes dreams such as jumping from an airplane to visiting Japan. Actually, he has a lot of travel on his bucket list. He wants to visit a new National Park, go wine-tasting in Venice Beach, and surf in the Atlantic Ocean, to name a few.

But one item on the list wasn’t like the others. Number 9 on the list is to “help a sick child mark something off their bucket list.” A noble goal, you would think. But Bachelor Nation fans on Reddit mercilessly mocked Joey Graziadei for publicly patting himself on the back for being a nice guy.

  • Idk why but #9 seems a bit odd…like he’s trying too hard. It’s a nice thing to do but it strikes me a bit as, helping a homeless person and filming it.
  • Ok help a sick child: by making a large, ideally anonymous (cause then it’s not about you, right?) donation to the make a wish foundation and also maybe to research for a childhood disease. Cause I mean what else is he talking about; that a child would have meeting him on their bucket list?!
  • 9 rubbed me the wrong way. just do it without announcing it?
  • I think adding 9 in is nice but if you’re going to vocalise the good deeds in a list (fine by me) then I’d probably add more than one

What do you think of Joey Graziadei’s bucket list? Did it make you cringe? Sound off in the comments.

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