Fans Spot Sign Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell Live Separately

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Do Bachelor couple Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell share a home or live separately? Fans think they spotted a huge clue don’t live together. Keep reading for all the latest details on the Season 25 couple.

Bachelor Couple Takes It Slow

Bachelor Nation fans have been waiting for Matt James to propose to Rachael Kirkconnell for three years now. That’s how long the Season 25 lead and his final rose winner have been together. But Matt and Rachael aren’t letting anyone else rush them. They won’t get engaged or take the next steps in their relationship until they are ready.

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Matt James recently hinted that he has ideas of how to propose to Rachael, but didn’t share a timetable of when it will happen. The couple starred in a sponsored video three months ago for the home decor brand Downeast. But was it really their home or did they fake it for the cameras?

Fans Spot Sign Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell Live Separately

A confused Bachelor Nation fan took to Reddit to ask other fans if Matt and Rachael live together or separately. “On todays stories Rachel was posting “her” bedroom…all pink and she mentioned “my” this and that, do they not live together??”

Most people in the comments agreed that Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell do not share a home. One Bachelor Nation fan suggested the two see each other when they can but live separately. “From what I understand, no they don’t. She has a place in Atlanta and he is basically a nomad. This is why I say they don’t really have a partnership, I feel like they’re just both doing their own thing and linking up whenever they can,” the Redditor speculated.

Another added, “They stay over with each other but do not have a place together never have, Matt enjoys his freedom and lifestyle, also why they’re not engaged.”

Bachelor Nation fans are hot and cold when it comes to the Season 25 couple, but most of the comments on the Reddit thread didn’t think not living together before marriage was strange.

  • I don’t think this in and of itself is a big deal since they’ve never seemed to live together in a permanent residence, right? They kind of bounce around. The bigger issue to me is that they’ve been together for years and they’re not engaged even though she seems to want to be engaged.
  • I think it’s totally normal to not plant roots and get a home or permanent place with someone until you are married.

Neither Rachael Kirkconnell nor Matt James has directly addressed their living situation. What do you think? Do they live together or separately? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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