‘Bachelor’ Matt James’ Beard, Is Rachael Good With It?

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In 2021, a lot of Bachelor fans thought that Matt James used his beard to indicate his single or mingle status, but two years down the line, might Rachael Kirkconnell secretly hate his facial hair? Of course. wild and unkempt got people on Twitter going to town with memes. Each year when November approaches, Bachelor Nation waits to see if he will shave it off.

Matt James Wore His Beard Wild At The Women’s Tell-All

Twitter erupted after the Bachelor lead appeared in the Women Tell All episode in March 2021, sporting an unkempt look. At the time, his then-bestie, Tyler Cameron, who loves to stick close to a razor had something to say about it. Initially, he hated it, but as time went by, he changed his mind. Lots of water flowed under the bridge since then, and Tyler’s okay with it now. But is Rachael Kirkconnell?

In Season 25 of The Bachelor, Matt James made a name for himself by being chosen as the first male African-American lead. Actually, there was little controversy about that. However, there was controversy about Rachael. Remember how she ended up under fire for an Antebellum South plantation-themed frat party in 2018? While she apologized, the fallout included the retirement of long-term host, Chris Harrison. Since then, Rachael ended up back with Matt after he dumped her.

Matt James Loves His Beard, Does Rachael?

The former footballer and Wake Forest University alum made a name for himself with his beard. Actually, he seems obsessed with it. However, not every woman in the world likes beards: especially if they look untidy. Repeatedly, tabloids focus on his facial hair, and he doesn’t seem to mind the publicity. He’ll wax on for hours about it if interviewers give him half a chance. This week he talked about it again with US Weekly.

Bachelor Matt James' Beard, Is Rachael Good With It
Bachelor– Matt James loves his beard – Bachelor Nation – YouTube

It’s not clear how many Bachelor fans care about the routine that Matt James uses to keep his beard tidy. However, it might interest Bachelor Nation fans to know how Rachael feels about it. These days, they seem to get along well together. Now and then, steamy photos surface. Sometimes, he’s been beardless. And, at other times, he wasn’t. Mostly though, he seems to keep it.

Rachael Kirkconnell Tolerates The Beard

The outlet cited Matt James as saying that as long as he keeps it tidy, his girlfriend tolerates his facial hair. She said to him, “Take care of it.” Now that it doesn’t look so wild and untidy, she seems to be “more accepting this time around.” He added, “I think that she appreciates how much thoughtfulness goes into it. So she’s cool with it, as opposed to me just looking ragged and just letting it go.”

Are you a fan of Matt James’ facial hair? Are you surprised that Rachael seems to be okay with it? Do you agree that an unkempt beard is not attractive? Let us know in the comments below and come back here for all your Bachelor Nation news.

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