Matt James Reveals Intense Pressure To Choose Black Woman

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Matt James undoubtedly felt a lot of pressure as the first Black Bachelor. His season had a lot of drama between the women and the end of his season had a lot of controversies. His winner Rachael Kirkconnell had some things in her background that didn’t come to light before he’d chosen her.

The situation snowballed as Chris Harrison stepped down and a larger conversation about race started happening in Bachelor Nation. The couple faced hardships but pulled through and are now stronger than ever. Matt James recently spoke to Arsenio Hall on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as he was guest-hosting. He asked him the pressure he felt and what that looked like.

Matt James Said He Felt The Pressure

Matt James said he had, ” pressure on both sides. But ultimately, your heart leads you where love is and that’s what I followed.” According to People, Matt said he did have a lot of pressure to choose a Black woman. He also had pressure coming at him to choose a white woman. He said, “My dad’s Black and my mom’s white.”

As for his relationship with Rachael, Matt said they were being stern about how they feel and don’t want to rush. Matt said, “So we take things day by day and we’re very much in love and very happy right now.” Rachael credited not getting hung up on what everyone else was saying for the success in their relationship. Saying they are in a good place she said, “We just like to focus on each other and put all of that aside and let that outside noise stay a little more quiet these days.”

Matt James, Instagram

Their Relationship Is Cute On Social Media

Matt James and Rachael have a cute playfulness. On Instagram, Matt had to apologize to Rachael. He promised her he wouldn’t watch Mare of Easttown until she got to LA. He ended up staying up all night and watching the whole thing. In the above Instagram post, Matt expressed he was still adjusting to not having a beard. Rachael commented, “do you got a girlfriend?” She seemed to approve of him shaving his face. Fans really hated the beard and commented all the time that he should shave it, but Matt isn’t easily influenced.


Let’s welcome @Lindsay Arnold to Tik Tok #DWTS 🕺🏾💫

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Rachael has also been very supportive of his Dancing with the Stars stint. Fans were surprised by how well he did. On the above TikTok where he is dancing with Lindsay Arnold, a fan asked where this personality was on his season. Another said he looks like, “every dad at every wedding.” The good thing is he seems to be having a lot of fun. He even took a spin on a sidewalk with Hannah Brown to practice before going on his first night.

What do you think of the pressure Matt James faced as Bachelor? How do you feel about his DWTS appearance? Comment with all your thoughts below.

Tune in to Dancing With The Stars Mondays on ABC to see how far Matt makes it in the dance competition.

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